How To Ensure Safe Travel In The Midst Of Another Infection Surge

How To Ensure Safe Travel In The Midst Of Another Infection Surge

If you love travelling, chances are that you have not managed to do a lot of that in the last two years, due to innumerable lockdowns and a global pandemic raging all over. When the second wave subsided, things were looking up a bit more. Many people drew up new plans to travel enthusiastically. But then came the news of a newer variant of the virus dawning on us and hence an inevitable new wave of the pandemic. Newer restrictions and regulations are coming into effect all around the world as you continue to read this article.

If you feel trapped and foresee another long lockdown, you might be able to make travelling a bit happen. This is especially not the case if the cases in your specific region are raging or you plan to go to a place where this is occurring presently. But if that is not the case for you, you can try getting out to a nearby place where you can be safe and also be able to take all safety precautions and protocols. If that seems like an interesting proposition to you, then you have definitely come to the right place. Read the full article to know all about it.

- Get All The Information You Can:
Traveling to a particular place without any knowledge of the area or a plan in your head seems like a good idea to relax. But that is definitely what you should not do when the times are unpredictable. The thing that can help you the most is to gather all the information that you can get about the place that you are traveling to. You can look up things about it online. You can also ask some friends who may have travelled to that place before. You should make it a point to research as much as you can so that you are not caught unaware at any point during your trip. 

- Stick To Regional Precautions:
You should also seek out information which specifically pertains to the precautions and protocols which are in place in the region that you plan to travel to. For example, if there are certain quarantine regulations in place, make sure to follow them so as to not endanger the local people. You should also make it a point to unfailingly use a face masks whenever you are out and about or come in contact with other people. Additionally, if large gatherings are limited in the area, try not to throw or attend parties which can violate those rules.

- Keep A Flexible Schedule:
Since there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, rules and mandates are bound to fluctuate quickly as well. This can make you stranded at places or cause delays in your regular plans. Keeping all of these points in mind, make it a point to factor in the possibility of these issues occurring. For this, have a flexible schedule instead of a rigid one. Keep one or two days extra as a buffer for any traveling delays. You should also try to book flexible tickets which you can change as per your convenience and the government regulations. 

- Sanitize Hotel Rooms Yourself:
If you opt to stay in hotels, home stays or any other place during your trip, make sure to check their level of hygiene before you book them. A lot of places list the safety measures which they take on their website and you can also inquire about them by talking to them personally. In addition, you should carry both a hand sanitizers as well as a surface sanitizers to clean the surfaces that you will use the most yourself. Try to minimise the use of the things that they provide, instead take and use your own items as much as possible. This may seem unnecessary at first, but it may just help to save you from getting infected.

- Do Not Travel In Big Groups:
In addition to being a safety hazard, it is not really a convenient option to travel in a big group nowadays. This is because the number of people who can gather together at certain places has been limited. Plan trips where you can go solo or pair up with just another person if you are not comfortable travelling completely alone. Also say no to tours or tourist destinations as those can get quite crowded leading to the fast spread of infection among those present. Talk to locals and visit places which will be relatively emptier as opposed to popular attractions. 

- Avoid Extremely Touristy Places:
As an extension of our previous point of avoiding travelling in groups, you should also opt to go to quiet places which will most likely not be too crowded. This can make you feel safer as the less people that you are around, the lesser chances of contracting COVID there will be. Look for places which can help you relax and give you a much needed change of scenery but do not endanger your health in any way at the same time. There will consequently also be much lesser restrictions on movement in such places so it can prove to be a more freeing experience.

- Travel By Road If Possible:
If you choose a place which is close enough to be driven to in a car, then definitely take it up. Road transport is the best mode of travelling right now as it has the least chance of infection. In contrast, travelling by either an airplane or a train can expose you to many people at once which can prove to be dangerous for your health. Travelling at your own pace in your own vehicle can help to keep you much safer than many other alternatives.


If you feel safe enough to travel and want to do so without endangering your life or the lives of the people around you, then definitely follow the tips that we have outlined in this article. Although, if it is possible, try to wait out this wave before making any new travel plans as staying in the vicinity of your house is the best mode of safety right now, after all.

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