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Dr. Odin

Oxygen Concentrator JMC5A Ni

Oxygen Concentrator JMC5A Ni

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Dr. Odin Oxygen Concentrator delivers the features homecare providers want and patients deserve. This oxygen concentrator reduces operating costs with a design that is lightweight, small in size, sleek in design, easy to store & transport, requires low maintenance, is quiet, simple to use and maintain. This 5-liter per minute has been designed with a unique set of features providing oxygen therapy while maintaining ease of use for patients.



• Read the instruction before use
• Keep out of reach of children
• Current overload or line surge shutdown
• High-temperature alarm shutdown
• High/Low pressure alarm shutdown
• Low Oxygen Concentration alarm
• Use a good quality 1.5Kv voltage stabilizer
• Keep the concentrator 1-2 ft. away from the wall, both Left and Back Side
• Avoid using machine in a dusty environment
• Use clean RO water in Humidifier
• Do not run the machine continuously for long durations
• Unit Filters should be cleaned once in a week and replaced after every 3 months

Additional Info

• Model number: JMC5A Ni
• Warranty: 12 Months
• Product Dimensions: 33*26*54cm
• Delivery Rate: 0.5 - 5L/min
• Output Pressure: 38kPa ± 5kPa
• Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz
• Oxygen Concentration: 0.5-5L/min, 93% ± 3%
• Operating Environment Temperature :10°C - 40°C
• Net Weight: 16.0Kg
• Imported by: Passim Medichem Agencies, 186, Phase 2, IA, Chandigarh 160002

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