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Dr. Odin

Breast Pump Electric Pink

Breast Pump Electric Pink

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This Light Weight Electric Breast Pump is the perfect option for all the new mothers. With soft and comfortable petal massage silicone cushion for suction without pain, this silent breast pump helps the mother express with ease.


• Baby-safe material
• LCD screen
• Leak-proof bottle
• Silent & discreet
• Gentle simulation
• 100 mAh battery capacity
• Soft to touch
• Convenient to use
• 100% sterilizable
• Extra container for milk storage
• Intuitive design for easy assembly & cleaning


• Never put the motor unit in water or sterilizer
• Keep it away from sharp objects
• Read the instructions before use
• Keep away from children
• Disinfect using boiled water
• Default pumping time is 30 minutes

Additional Info

• Model number: OD302
• Warranty: 12 months
• Dimensions: 20.5 x 8.9 x 27.5 cms
• Weight: 600gms
• Includes: Electric unit, Pump unit, Milk container, Nipple, Bottle neck part & cap, Breastpads free
• Soft silicon cushions help in expressing milk comfortably
• Ergonomic shape for better grip and easy pumping with one hand

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