Ways to Relax Your Body

Ways to Relax Your Body

Stress has become something that every generation understands very well in these times. Be it a school going child with stress to score well, a working professional with stringent targets to meet or even people engaged in businesses due to increasing competition in the markets. We have problems with everything, be it our jobs, friends or family. We get stressed out at every phase of our lives and given the lifestyle and pressure; we do not manage it well. Our body can handle only a certain amount of stress and post that we need to learn new and revolutionary ways to deal with it effectively.

On the contrary, it is said that stress or anxiety makes your central nervous system more active and enhances your immunity. However, your bodies need to learn better and effective ways to cope with chronic stress. An excessive amount of tension can lead your body towards faster ageing, and being highly susceptible to diseases. Thus, the key is to understand the importance of relaxing muscles after workouts or even in general.

It won’t be a long shot to say that stress and relaxation, both go extremely deep. As a matter of fact, many researchers suggest that relaxation has the power to alter genetic expression which involves inflammation, programmed cell death, and free radical neutralization. The longevity of your life totally depends on how well you relax and rejuvenate your body. In modern times, there are also various electric heating packs which are available that might help you relax your tired and sore muscles.

In this blog post, we are listing down some ways that have proven to be effective for us and also by research to help in keeping your body relaxed for longer and to avoid diseases which come along with it.

Aromatherapy: This technique has been around for at least a couple of thousand years and helps in reducing stress, lowers blood pressure, and promotes instant relaxation. It has been scientifically proven that some essential oils like lavender or chamomile work as instant mood enhancers and induce better sleep quality. Nowadays, it has become easy to utilize this technique as there are various diffusers and/or candles available in the market that you can pick up to relax and enjoy the fragrances of your choice with.

Massaging The Muscles: It is no new news that massages help in relaxation. This technique has its loyal fans and has been quite popular for a number of years as it is considered to be extremely effective in relieving stress from your muscles. Stress is mostly felt in the neck and in the forehead, which can be reduced by massaging these pain points for a few minutes.

Using Heating And Cooling Packs: You can also use various heating or cooling packs to soothe the sore muscles; this will instantly help in you calming down as well as ease tension in the muscles, giving relief to them faster.

Breathing Exercises: There is no surprise here. Just understand the basic concept of breathing, when you draw shallow and rapid breaths, your chest area indicates stress; however, if you take long deep breaths coupled with the involvement of diaphragm, it definitely reduces the stress and increases antioxidant activity in your body. This has also been a proven technique to destress from hectic lifestyles.

Change Your Perception About Stress: It has been said numerous times that our reaction to the situation is what counts the most. That is why you don’t need to give stress the kind of importance it wants. Sometimes, we have to consciously reappraise the entire situation by not giving it any weight. When we bury ourselves in stress, that’s when it starts getting more important and enjoys the power that we give it. Thus, it is essential that we change our perspective by learning constructive virtues like tolerance and patience.

Deal With Stressful Situations Through Logic: It is very common that any time a stressful situation comes into our life, we start hyperventilating without understanding its adverse impact on our lives and our bodies. If we can just a take moment and think of the consequences of the situation, it might help us to take the edge off and we can certainly see the relatively benign consequences it might have. So, just take that one moment to measure the dire outcomes and the ways it might not be that stressful if you can think it through. Most problems are largely made up scenarios in our head and we need not take too much stress for them.

Avoid Screens Before Bedtime: It is highly probable that you might end up messing with the whole idea of getting a good night’s sleep if you spend too much time in front of your screens like TV, laptop, tablet or phone. Spending too much time on these before your bedtime will not only affect your sleep cycle but also tamper with its quality. Researchers say that this activity suppresses Melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep in your body and its suppression can impair immunity, increase the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. So, when the consequences are so severe, you would want to cut your time with the screens, at least right before you sleep.

Enjoy Some Green Tea: As you know this beverage holds numerous health benefits and is quite adequately available in the market. When you consume it daily, it reduces stress levels as it contains the amino acid L-theanine and ascorbic acid which are considered as effective stress busters. If you prefer other herbal teas, then you can opt for chamomile tea too as it is known to reduce stress in humans.

Apart from all these ways to reduce and manage stress, you can always listen to some music which also enhances your mood, or you can take a long walk in the park, or you can always indulge in some nice hot bath. All these techniques have proved to be very successful in keeping people healthy and free of stress. Take your pick from any of these to lead a happy and stress-free life.

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