Types of Sanitizers

Types of Sanitizers

These days sanitizers have become as important to us as our mobile phones. They have become an essential item which can always be found in people’s handbags and homes. But did you know that your typical hand sanitizer can’t be used on any surface and edible item? Moreover, each kind of sanitizer or disinfectant is catered to a specific category. In this time of information overload about Covid and how to prevent it, it is imperative to understand our means of defense against it and their proper usage. We have broken down the different kinds of sanitizers and their major functions in the following points (lucky for us, Dr. Odin provides all these kinds of sanitizers on their website):

- Hand Sanitizer:
This is the most common and convenient type of sanitizer that is widely available. The usage of this is, as the name suggests, mainly to keep your hands free of germs. Now that the Unlock situation is underway, we have begun to venture out for work, buying of groceries and other non essential items etc. It is a given that we will be exposed to certain harmful germs, in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus and other flu like systems and viruses, it is extremely important to keep sanitizing your hands especially when you’re out and about and most probably won’t have access to clean water and soap. Foot operated hand sanitizer dispensers have also become popular in this category.

- Sanitizers/Disinfectants for surfaces:
A hand sanitizer may not be strong enough to kill germs from hard surfaces like table tops, furniture, door frames, toilet seats etc. A good disinfectant spray will solve this purpose by killing bacteria and germs from products that you buy from outside and also help in sanitizing places touched by people visiting your house. These sprays will also aid your home in becoming more hygienic.

- Sanitizers for edible items:
According to a recent survey, the majority of the people are not comfortable with using their normal sanitizers on their edible items like fruits and vegetables. Rightly so, because the kind of germs that these foods are exposed to are different from the germs on surfaces and our hands. This is where a vegetable and fruit friendly solution comes into the picture. It is effective enough to remove the germs such as pesticides, fungus, dirt, wax but not harsh enough to harm the items that go in your mouth.

- Sanitizers for the air in enclosed spaces:
The importance of clean air cannot be undermined at any cost. With more and more claims saying that Covid travels through air, it is as important to use a disinfectant spray machine so that in addition to your hands and surfaces, the air that you breathe in is as clean as possible. These machines are especially effective in areas where a number of people are convened together like hospitals, offices, hotels, malls etc.

- Antiseptic Disinfectant:
This is the kind of multi purpose disinfectant that is majorly used for first aid medical emergencies and for maintaining personal hygiene. Unlike the previous kinds of sanitizers that we have discussed before, this one needs to be diluted before use as it is medical grade and concentrated. But it is the most effective in cleaning and disinfecting wounds and abrasions.

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