Some Health Resolutions To Make This New Year

Some Health Resolutions To Make This New Year

The new year of 2021 is right around the corner and we all can not be more thrilled about it. And just like every new year, everyone will get busy in making new resolutions to follow this year. Or do you belong to the lot of people who after having gotten disillusioned by the numerous resolutions and do not end up doing anything at all? So have just given up on them once and for all. It does not matter which category you fall into, but it is indeed important to set some goals for the year ahead. It gives you perspective, if nothing else, about what you want out of the year and your life and how much of it are you actually able to achieve.

In this week’s blog post, we suggest some important resolutions that you can add to your list of goals this year for a happier and much healthier life.

- Plan On A Macro and Micro Level:
If you wish to accomplish even the little goals that you set, it is very important to track them periodically and correct your course in the case that your path is not fully aligning with your end step. You should have your goals for every day set as well as the bigger goals in life set. You will not always get the time to sit and ponder over where your life is headed so having those end goals written down and tracked really helps you in achieving them.

 - Let Go Of Everything But Your Health:
As important as it is to plan, it is more important to let go as well. Not everything in life happens according to the plan and you will live a much better life if you accept it early on. But at the same time, one thing that you absolutely cannot compromise on is your health. It’s the only thing that can keep you happy and take you places. Nothing seems fine if your body is in poor health. It is important to eat right and exercise regularly.

- Monitor Your Overall Health Regularly:
One of the major goals that you should have for the new year is to make it an important part of your routine to monitor your health on a very regular basis. A good way to do it is to pay minute attention to even the little changes that your body undertakes. But not all dangerous changes are noticeable as they go on inside your body. A good way to stay on top of these is to invest in machines which help to measure general body vitals like the blood pressure machine, pulse oximeter and glucometer among others.

 - If You Want To Develop A Good Habit, Track It:
This point ties in with one of our previous points that good goals and habits are not achieved by being passive about things. Instead, they are achieved when you actively keep track of them and follow through with them in a resilient manner. So if your resolution is to drink a lot of water every single day, it will not be possible if you do not take active steps towards it. You will need to find a big bottle and probably set up reminders on your phone which can update you on how much water you have drunk throughout the day and how much more that you need to drink to reach your everyday goal.

- Find A Work-Life Balance:
Now, this is a tip which has been discussed so many times but people still fail to achieve it completely. While it is totally understandable to not be able to find a fully accurate balance between the two, it is important to at least try to reach it. When most of us are working from home, the lines between home and office have become even more blurred than usual. Therefore, this is the right time to consciously evaluate your priorities and stick to them in a strict manner.

 - Spend Time With People Who You Missed Meeting In 2020:
2020 was an unusual year in ways more than one. Most of us were stuck inside our houses the entire year, not being able to meet friends and family which we had become so used to seeing on a regular basis. But now that things are opening up, it is important that in 2021 you pledge to make up for the lost time and try to meet all those people that you really missed spending time with this year. Interacting with other people may also help to bring about a positive change in your mental health which will thereby reflect in your physical health as well in the long run.

- Find A Hobby Which Makes You Happy And Make It A Point To Stick To It:
The importance of hobbies was realised so much in this difficult year. Many people went back to their childhood interests when they were feeling immensely bogged down by the unfavourable circumstances around them. Hobbies help to bring about a positive change and also help to stimulate your mind in many ways to become more creative and alive in the long run. Starting with a hobby is not the tough part, sticking to it though is a completely different ball game altogether. So make it a point to discover a new hobby that you really enjoy in this new year and try to stick with it in the long period so that it is able to give you immense satisfaction.


Resolutions help to define the goals that we all have for the new year. But it is not always an easy feat to follow through with them throughout the whole year. So it is always a better idea to set simple and easy to follow goals that are realistic and which do not take up a lot of your time on an everyday basis as well. As you have seen in this blog post, we have made a list of easy but healthy new year resolutions in order for you to live a more fulfilling year ahead. Do follow these and share them with your loved ones as well.

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