Some Easy Meals To Keep You Healthy For Longer

Some Easy Meals To Keep You Healthy For Longer

What this insane pandemic has taught us all is to become much more self reliant as we have had to accomplish all the daily tasks, be it cleaning, washing or making food for ourselves all on our own, without any help in most cases as well. But the problem in preparing meals for ourselves and for our loved ones on a day to day basis is that it can prove to be a real challenge after a certain point of time. It is obvious that after a matter of days, it is impossible to come up with newer and more fun ways of eating the same kinds of foods on a daily basis, three times every single day.

If this is a worry which is threatening to constantly plague you, have no fear. We are here to assist you. In this article, we are listing down some of the important ingredients that you need to incorporate in your everyday diets. But we are not just limiting our points to that, we are also suggesting some foodstuffs which tend to go along well with such foods as well as some easy but different ways in which you can consume them in an innovative way, without getting easily bored with them. Seems interesting, right? Read on to know all about such foods.

- Nuts:
While it is extremely important to have nuts in your everyday diet as they provide your body with innumerable nutrients, it is kind of boring to eat them simply. An innovative way to eat these is to pair them with granola and to sprinkle them on top of your morning bowl of cereal. You can also have nuts with a side of ice cream or your favourite dessert like brownies as well. But do make sure that you do not end up eating more dessert than usual just because of this tip. Make it a point to indulge in everything in moderation.

- Lentils And Pulses:
Your body requires enough protein on a day to day basis to help your muscles to repair in an effective way so that you are able to remain healthy and strong for much longer in your life. Lentils and pulses are the perfect way to bridge this gap of eating proteins, especially if you are a vegetarian or a follower of veganism and are not able to eat eggs or any kinds of meats. A different way of having lentils and pulses is to make soups out of them and garnishing them with your favourite spices to give them enough flavour.

- Baked Goods Made Out Of Wheat:
Many of us have an undeniable sweet tooth which makes it a huge challenge to stay away from baked desserts like cakes, pastries and croissants, among other things. What if we told you that you do not need to completely give up these delicacies? Instead you can just tweak their recipes a bit to make them so much more healthier and less guiltier to indulge in occasionally. You can try replacing the key ingredient of flour in these desserts with wheat. Couple this tip with regular checks of the weighing scale to lose those extra kilos.

- Acai Bowls:
Acai bowls have been in vogue since a number of years now and we can fully understand why that is the case. They are one of the healthiest options of eating enough fresh fruits and veggies out there, especially if the other alternative of consuming them, which is smoothies, is not something which you are totally fond of. Another element of acai bowls which is really fun is the kind of garnishes that you can use on them. Although it is completely up to you on how you do that, depending on what you personally prefer, we recommend using nuts and granola as a tasty and healthy topper.

- Fresh Fruits And Juices:
Fresh fruits are extremely beneficial for the human body in any way, shape or form that they are consumed in. But if you consider it to be an extreme pain and a hassle to peel or cut these fruits on an everyday basis, you can consider extracting their juices out and having them in a more palatable and liquid form. Although, we would suggest that you keep in mind to invest in a juicer which helps to retain most of the pulp of the fruits that you put into it, so that most of their goodness remains intact and can provide you with all of its health benefits.

- Salads:
Salads again are a great way to get in your required dose of green and leafy vegetables inside your body. Salads have historically been considered to be largely bland foods but that is not the case these days. Nowadays there are so many different variations of the plain and humble old salad that it is no longer a pain to eat them. The best part about salads is that you can easily customise them according to whatever you want to eat on that particular day. You can also mix in sauces that can further help to elevate their taste.

- Stir fry:
Stir frys are common in quite a few cuisines around the world and rightfully so, as they are so easy to make and can taste absolutely delicious. This can also be a filling meal for you so it becomes the perfect food to whip up in the case that you are tired after a long and hard day and do not want to go through the hassle of cooking something complicated. You can just mix all the leftover veggies that you have in your refrigerator and cook them in some water to get the perfect stir fry for a wholesome and healthy meal. div class="img">

We hope that this article gave you a number of easy but unique ideas so that you are able to whip up a storm in your kitchen without putting in a lot of extra effort. Do let us know if you try out any of these tips, and how they turned out for you.

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