Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

A lot of people embark on their respective fitness journeys with a major common motive, which is to lose weight. Even though this is a starting point which is as good as any to engage in fitness and a healthy lifestyle, we strongly urge you that you should instead focus on making your body more healthy and as a result of that, largely free of diseases. But coming back to the topic at hand, more often than not, people tend to get easily demotivated when the numbers on the weighing scale do not seem to be going down in tandem with all of their various fitness efforts.

This does not necessarily mean that the fitness activities which you are engaging in are in any way wrong, but it can stem from a number of different reasons. Also, everyone’s bodies are different and they react differently to the same exercises. The rate of metabolism of our particular bodies also proves to be a major factor in the mission to lose some weight. So it is never advisable to compare the rate of you losing weight to someone else, even if you both are following the same fitness routines as well as the same kind of diets. Read on to know more about the reasons which might hinder your rate of losing weight.

- You Are Not Engaging In A Healthy Mix Of Activities:
One common mistake that most people make when they first embark on their fitness journey is to try out one particular exercise which initially makes them lose a bit of weight and not budging from that one activity then. Doing the same kind of fitness exercise every single day can make your body used to the regime and hence it will make losing those extra kilos even more challenging than before. It is a far better idea to mix up activities and switch them up after every few days. This will keep your body active and agile as well as you will not get easily bored of your workout routine.

- You Are Bingeing:
You may have heard this phrase a number of times that the excess of everything is bad. Well, it holds true in the case of healthy eating as well. While we understand that the initial excitement to embark on your fitness journey by eating healthy can be nice, if you indulge in too much and too frequently of healthy eating, you will be back at square one before you even begin to realise it. Portion control will be your best friend in such a case. Make sure to consume limited quantities of all foods so that you truly begin your healthy living on a high note.

- Your Ultimate Goal Is Not Fitness:
Even though we have touched briefly upon this point in the introduction of this blog post, it is still a major concern which leads to people not being able to lose weight in an effective way. The goal should not begin with you wanting to just lose some weight as that is just one aspect of the gamut which fitness comprises. Instead, your ultimate focus should be to make your body healthier and fitter in the long run. As a result, we suggest you use body fat analysers as a reliable tracker of your fitness journey, rather than the plain old weighing scales.

- You Are Drinking Sugary Drinks:
All the advertisements and popular culture may make you believe that having a cool workout routine means to always have a sugary energy drink by your side. But this can actually prove to be quite detrimental to your fitness journey. These sugary drinks contain unhealthy amounts of sweeteners which can counter all the physical exertion which you have been engaging in in the meantime. A good substitute for these artificial and sugary drinks are natural energisers like lemon water, coconut water or even just the plain old water to keep you hydrated as you workout, without piling on the unnecessary kilos.

- You Do Not Have A Set Routine:
The importance of having a set routine when you workout cannot be undermined in any way. If you have an end goal but have not charted out a clear path on how to get there, it will be that much harder to achieve it. A good way to keep track of your fitness journey is to make a fitness journal where you can track your progress on an everyday basis and can chalk out further plans on the basis of that. But having a dedicated routine for fitness does in no way mean that you have to stick to it in a very rigid way. It is important to correct your course whenever you feel that something is or is not working for your body.

- You Are Not Sleeping Properly:
Now this may come as a surprise to some people that getting a good night’s sleep can actually result in good fitness. If you are working out hard but are losing precious sleep over it, it could be a major reason why you are not able to shed off those extra kilos. Make sure to get your eight hours of sleep every night so that your fitness routine can work to its maximum effectiveness.

- You Eat Too Much Junk On Your Cheat Days:
While it is good to have cheat days once in a while, it is not a good idea to go crazy and binge on all of your favourite junk food on those days. You may be eating junk food for only a day but it can lead to you not being able to lose weight, even if you do work out consistently over the other days. So it is better to indulge in junk food in moderation so that you do not have to unnecessarily sweat it out in the gym and suffer on the other days.

The reasons for not being able to lose weight even if you are doing everything right in your fitness journey can be many, as can be seen from this article. But it is up to you to not let all of your hard work go to waste and achieve all of your fitness goals by following these simple steps.

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