How To Manage The Sadness Associated With A New COVID Wave

How To Manage The Sadness Associated With A New COVID Wave

By now we are sure that you already have more than enough information about the newest variant of the COVID 19 virus that is spreading at a fantastical speed all around the world. The rate of infections as well as hospitalisations are also steadily increasing throughout. Amidst everything closing down again, it almost feels like a déjà vu moment because we have already experienced all this happening twice before in a mere time period of the last two years. It is difficult to cope with a grave situation like this so many times in such a few years.

There are so many disappointing things happening all over the world that it almost feels like it is all too much to handle. This can manifest in the form of feeling unproductive as well as sad. Many recent surveys and research studies have noted that a majority of people are finding it a challenge to cope with all the going on events of the world. This way of thinking can prove to be dangerous as it can lead you down the rabbit hole of depression and anxiety based issues. Hence, in this article we will be tackling this problem and suggesting you some ways which can get your mood up in such trying times.

- Understand That It Is Normal:
The worst thing that you can do when you are feeling bogged down by the news from the world is to force yourself to repress these feelings. If you do not acknowledge them and give yourself time to be able to come to terms with all this, it can morph into a much bigger issue in the future. The best way to tackle this is to keep telling yourself that whatever you are feeling currently, it is completely and utterly valid. Let yourself feel your emotions so that they do not come out in destructive forms later. In the meantime, disconnect from keeping tabs on the news if you have to sometimes for the sake of your mental health.


- Do Not Mentally Isolate Yourself:
With the virus spreading fast, physical isolation is important to keep ourselves safe from it. But this does not mean that you isolate yourself mentally as well. Talking to others and sharing your feelings about everything going on is so important. This is because it can feel like you are going through all these emotions alone but more often than not almost everyone out there is feeling the same way as well. So let out your thoughts by talking with others like your friends, family, doctor or anybody else that you wish to engage with.

- Do Not Bail On Precautions:
Sometimes it feels like we have been going through the motions of taking appropriate precautions for a very long time. This can also give rise to feelings of caring less or becoming bored of it all. But just because you are bored or so done with them, does not mean that you can slack on following these precautions. If we are to see the end of this pandemic, it is imperative that we keep following the required precautions to keep us and our families safe. Keep wearing face masks and using hand sanitizers diligently to fight the virus well and to mitigate the chances of a resurgence. 

- Make It Different:
With more directives coming from the government to stay inside the safety of our houses, it can all seem pretty monotonous. It kind of feels like the last two years have just blended in together with particular days differing very little. This can make you feel like you are stuck in an endless loop of doing your daily activities but not really moving on in life. This can be a problematic state of mind mental health wise so it is important to try to make each day as different as possible. Picking up newer hobbies which you can do on different days of the week can really help to make every day a new experience for you.

- Practice Gratitude And Hope:
The best way to get out of the hopeless mindset is to practice gratitude on a daily basis. Keeping a journal which is specifically centered on you writing down the things that you are grateful for every day can help you to see the bigger picture and to recognise your priorities. Make a habit of writing down grateful thoughts whenever you feel down or hopeless. You can also try helping others by donating to causes which are close to you or by aiding your near and dear ones in their everyday mundane tasks. This can prove to be quite a gratifying experience which can help in mood upliftment.


- Try Not To Sit Idle:
The more you sit idle, the more chance your brain has of cooking up unfavourable scenarios that can cause unnecessary anxiety or stress for you. If you are especially prone to overthinking, you should try to make a conscious effort to keep yourself engaged in activities that you enjoy. This will keep you occupied so that you do not keep pondering and agonising over things that are out of your control. Take each day as it comes and live day to day instead of planning for bigger things as these plans may not work out due to so much uncertainty all around us right now.

- Let Out The Frustration:
If you still feel frustrated or trapped, it is good to channel this negative emotion into productive activities. Try to engage in some vigorous and active workouts which can help you to release that excess energy and emotions. If this frustration remains unchecked, it can be the cause of many mental as well as physical health problems in both the short and long term.


It may be a challenge to manage your emotions amidst another COVID wave but it certainly is not an impossible feat to achieve. Make sure to follow all of these points if you are struggling to cope with the current scenario. You can also share this article with your near and dear ones to help them deal with this situation as well.

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