How To Return Back To Work Safely

How To Return Back To Work Safely

A lot has changed over the last year and a half due to the advent of Coronavirus all over the world. Many offices and workplaces were forced to go remote for a long period of time. The culture of work from home dominated most professions. But with the amount of cases becoming much less than before, many workplaces have started opening up slowly and gradually. But it has been observed that many people are extremely apprehensive about going back to work in their physical work places, just like they did pre pandemic. An overwhelming amount of people are finding it difficult to adjust to this new normal.

While it may not be in your hands to decide when to go back to work in physical spaces, it is up to you to do everything in order to ease the crippling anxiety and questions which are arising due to this problem. For this purpose, in this article we are addressing some common concerns which many people have about going back to work and suggesting some effective ways through which these can be dealt with. Do keep on reading to know all about the ways through which you can return back to work in a safe manner.

- Do Not Ditch Your Mask:
A major shift which came into our world due to COVID 19 was of using masks whenever we ventured out of our houses. It almost became an essential in most people’s handbags to carry along with them and use it as and when the need arises. But owing to the pandemic fatigue, many people are ditching this safety precaution even in public places nowadays. The most effective way through which you can stay protected is using masks religiously still. Using face mask in an office setting may cause unnecessary hindrance in interactions with your colleagues but it is your first line of defence against this virus and hence is extremely important. 

- Boost Your Immunity:
In this season of common infections, if your body’s immunity is not up to the mark, chances are that you will become an easy target for these numerous infections and common diseases. Not to mention that your chances of getting afflicted with COVID also increase in such a case. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to boost your immunity so that you can stay protected from these diseases. The best way to do that is to eat enough vitamin C through the medium of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also consume multivitamins if your food is not providing you with enough nutrition.

- Regularly Sanitise Your Surroundings:
The importance of sanitising your hands after regular intervals cannot be undermined in any way. This helps to kill any virus which can reside on the surfaces around you or your surrounding air. Using a sanitise to sanitise your desk and the spaces which you tend to touch throughout the day, first thing in the morning and also before you eat can really help in safeguarding you from many diseases and common infections which are prevalent during this time of the year. If your work space allows for it, you can also invest in a fogging machine which helps to disinfect the air in a closed space. 

- Maintain Distance:
While we understand that in a working environment it is not always possible to maintain a safe distance from your co-workers all the time, do make a conscious effort to follow social distancing as much as possible. Spending a lot of time in extremely close proximity inside closed spaces can increase your chances of getting infected exponentially. If it is in your hands, you can continue to call virtual meetings instead of in person ones. Also, not interacting too closely with your colleagues unnecessarily can help to safeguard you in this regard.

- Pack Your Own Food And Water:
If you have the means to be able to take your own food and water to the office, by all means do so. Also make it a point to eat at a safe distance from other people. Both of these methods can help to minimise chances of infection which are prevalent if you tend to eat your food at a common place or from a common canteen. Even ordering in your lunch to your office is not the safest bet, especially in these tumultuous and dangerous times. You can pack finger foods or sandwiches for lunch since they are filling but do not require a lot of effort to make. 

- Get Fully Vaccinated:
Needless to say, it is really important that you get fully vaccinated before you venture out of your house to go to work on a regular basis. Vaccinations may not protect you fully from getting COVID, but even if you do get infected, these ensure that your infection is less severe and much less harmful to your body in the long run. Also, educate your colleagues to get vaccinated as well. Having a fully vaccinated workforce can make the space safer for everyone who works in it. There are also much less chances of mass spread of the infection.

- Have A Talk With Your Colleagues And Boss:
It is obvious that everyone’s thinking about the pandemic and the safety protocols to be followed in its wake will be different. So if you feel that enough precautions are not being taken by your office, make sure to convey these thoughts to your superiors. It is important to feel safe at your place of work in order to be fully productive and to be able to work in a proper way. Talk to your peers about maintaining personal boundaries as well. Make them understand what you are apprehensive about safety wise and request them to not indulge in it around you. 

With the world opening up all around us slowly, it is obvious that many people will harbour certain reservations regarding it. Make sure that you for one take proper care of yourself whenever you step out to work. After all, good health is the biggest gift which you can give to yourself and your family.

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