How To Rest And Sleep Well Every Single Night

How To Rest And Sleep Well Every Single Night

A good night’s sleep is extremely elusive for most of us these days. This could be due to the overbearing anxiety related to the pandemic which just refuses to end, or it could be due to stress at work. It could also be due to family problems or strain in friendships. Be it anxieties stemming from your work life or your personal life, they can rob you of good rest at night. The problems which tend to keep you up at night may be unique to every single person, but the solutions to get a restful sleep at night are usually common for everyone.

So in this article, we are listing down some ways in which you can accomplish all of your tasks without compromising on the quality of your sleep in any way. Weekends need not be the only two days in your week where you get up all rested and fresh, if you do at all. If you do fall into the category of people who are insomniacs, then this article is just the one for you. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to sleeping like a baby every single night of the week. Read on to know all about these points.

- Set A Sleep Timer:
There are numerous times when you get into bed on time but actually do not end up falling asleep until very late. All this does is mess up your sleep cycle even further without any fault of your own. If this is you every single night, we suggest that you stay put in your bed for sometime, say like for the duration of thirty minutes. If you still do not fall asleep in that time period, get out of bed and do something else. While this may seem like a counterproductive thing to do when you are trying to fall asleep, it helps to subliminally tell your mind that your bed is only used when you are ready to sleep and it breaks the cycle of insomnia. 

- Say Goodbye To Stress:
One of the most common reasons why people tend to stay up all night is because of incessant and crippling stress in their life. While it is not possible to live a completely stress free life, it is important to manage your stress and anxieties in a way so as to not let them affect any of your normal activities in any way. Putting all your thoughts and problems down in a journal can actually help you to get some much needed clarity on them as well as sort them out. Inculcating the habit of journaling before bedtime every day can make all the difference in you getting a good night’s rest.

- Find The Right Bedding:
Some major factors which can either help or hinder you from getting a restful sleep are the bed sheets, the pillows and the mattress which you sleep on. The human body needs just the right temperature as well as firmness of the bedding to get the optimum amount of sleep. If you are not getting restful sleep and you are not stressed in your daily life, chances are that you need to fix your surroundings for sleeping. For example, extreme cold can hinder you from falling asleep so you can use an electric bed warmer to heat up your bed to the optimum temperature to get good quality sleep. 

- Pick Up A Light Hobby:
If you find it a challenge to switch off from your day to sleep at night, you can use a light activity as a buffer for the same. You can indulge in an activity which helps you to relax as well as fall right to sleep. An activity like reading is the best fit in such a case. But you need to make sure that you do not end up reading some extremely engaging thriller which can actually make your mind more alert than before. Opt for the self help genre books or light but repetitive puzzles which can get you sleepy very easily.

- Stash Away Your Devices:
This tip may not be new for you but it is definitely a hard one to follow. It is important to switch off your digital devices at least a few hours from bedtime. And in order that you are not tempted, make it a point to stash them away from your reach, probably in a drawer or your desk far away from your place of sleeping. And if your concern is that you use your phone for setting daily morning alarms, we would suggest you to go old school and invest in an analog clock for your morning alarms instead. 

- Get Your Daily Dose Of Sunlight:
This may be a weird tip for you as you may be wondering how can getting enough sunlight throughout the day make you want to sleep at night? We understand your confusion and we are here to dispel it. Getting a good dose of sunlight every single day at least for half an hour is extremely important for your body as it helps to release the hormone which is known as melatonin. This hormone is the one which helps in regulating your wake sleep cycle. So do spend some time in broad daylight to get a restful night of uninterrupted sleep which is otherwise hard to come by.

- Exercise To Tire Yourself:
While the benefits of moving your body through the means of exercise are numerous, one of the most important benefits of it is that it helps you to sleep better at night time. Exercising on a regular basis helps to keep your hormones working in a healthy way. Also moving your body in the day can get you tired and hence make you fall asleep much faster in the night. 

Now that you have read about some amazing hacks to get you to sleep well at night, we hope that you are able to cure your insomnia in natural ways as listed in this article. Do let us know if these tips worked for you or not!

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