How To Lose Those Extra Kilos In The Winter Season

How To Lose Those Extra Kilos In The Winter Season

The winter season is a respite of a few months from the billowing heat of the summers. You get to wrap up and enjoy the chilly weather without sweating profusely or having to continue to sit in an air-conditioned room. But it is not all sunshine and rainbows in this season. The winter season brings with itself a slew of good food which is filling but full of calories at the same time. It can help you in keeping warm but can also make you pile on a few extra kilos at a rapid rate if you are not too careful. In this blog post, we are tackling this major problem that almost everyone faces in winters. We are listing down some easy ways here through which you can avoid putting on excessive weight in the span of a few months.

- Keep A Check On Your Diseases And Monitor Them:
The winter season is that time of the year where many common and recurring ailments rear their ugly heads and annoy us for a good two or three months. Due to the cool air which circulates around us during this time, it becomes challenging to keep these ailments at bay. This cold air can aggravate breathing problems due to thicker air like smog hanging around in the atmosphere. Or because of the incessant binging on snacks to keep ourselves warm, we may end up worsening our underlying heart conditions or diabetes in this case. The only way to properly manage such problems is to continuously monitor them so that you can get treated for them accordingly. Nebulizers, blood pressure monitors and glucometers can prove to be extremely helpful in such a case.


- It Is Easier To Start Working Out Before The New Year:
Now here is a tip that most of us know about on a subconscious level but do not really follow it consciously. All of us have heard so many times that it is not always easy to begin something and the beginnings are always the hardest as compared to just continuing to do something. And we as a society tend to put too much pressure on making these goals for the new year like working out every single day among other resolutions. It is easier to just start exercising a few days before the new year hits so that you are less likely to fall off this bandwagon.

- Focus On Your Health And Not Just On Losing Weight:
We have talked about this point so many times before in our previous blog posts but it is so important to keep reiterating this. Losing weight should not be your long term goal but instead, it should be to focus more on your overall health and wellbeing. This is because just losing a lot of weight does not necessarily ensure that you are in the best of health and that your body is fully nourished in a proper way. So you should stress on eating more natural food instead of less food, going for a walk every day instead of needlessly slogging in the gym among others.

- Use Body Fat Analysers Rather Than Weighing Machines:
As we have mentioned in our previous articles also, it is not always a good idea to measure your fitness through the numbers on your weighing scale. It is a much better idea to instead find ways to alleviate your overall health and wellbeing. For this purpose, body fat analysers prove to be of immense help. They not only tell you your weight but they tell that to you in relation with other important but often ignored components of your body like how much body fat you have which you can then lose so that in no way ever becomes detrimental to your health or fitness.


- Balance Home-cooked Food With Fresh Fruits And Vegetables:
While it is always a much healthier option to opt for the food which is cooked at home instead of binging on junk food ordered from outside, it is as important to ensure that your home-cooked food also has a good balance of fresh green and leafy fruits and vegetables. This also helps your body to gain all the important nutrients which it needs to survive and also helps you in ensuring that you do not get to suffer from any deficiencies which can further lead to dangerous chronic diseases in the long run.

- Smoothies Are The Way To Go:
If you find it extremely hard to eat fruits and vegetables in your normal meal times or do not have the time to make them fun to eat, this tip is tailored just for you. One of the easiest things to do is to put all your fruits into one mixer and add some milk or water according to your personal preference and mix away. You will have on your hands a cool and yummy smoothie which is way more fun to drink as compared to just eating normal fruits.


- Exercise In Short Bursts Whenever You Have Time:
While there are mostly holidays during these times, many people also rush to wrap up all of their pending work before the new year. This means that it is not always an easy time to get any time to work out even for a bit. But we have a hack which specially caters to such a situation. Any time that you get in the middle of your busy life, exercise in short bursts. This can prove to be useful as it keeps you from getting lethargic and also keeps your body moving.

While it may not be completely avoidable to put on some extra weight during the winter season as it is also the festive season then, it may actually be possible to limit the amount of the weight which is gained by you. We really hope that all these ways that we have listed in this blog post can help you in feeling better about your health and body in general so that you are able to remain healthy and happy in the long run. So go ahead and try these methods out and do not forget to let us know if they worked for you.

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