Care That New Mothers Should Take During These Tough Times

Care That New Mothers Should Take During These Tough Times

We all have heard innumerable times that being a new mother is not an easy task but it is still just a drop in the entire ocean that is motherhood. More so in the context of this uncalled for pandemic which has wreaked havoc on everyone’s lives. It is no wonder then that all the new mothers with their new born babies are finding it a challenge to safeguard themselves and their babies from this COVID threat.

While it may seem like a momentous task at the moment, it does not need to be something that makes you lose your sleep at night. It can surely be a challenge but if the right steps are followed on a daily basis in a meticulous way, all you new mothers will be able to lead a more comfortable life.

While there are many precautions that new mothers can take which are mandated by the government, we present to you a consolidated list of everything that you can do to ensure the safety of your newborn and yourself, keeping in mind the special risk of Coronavirus as well as the general risk of other diseases that newborns usually face.

- Use A Clean Breast Pump:
Nothing is as important for an infant as drinking his or her mother’s milk in the initial few months of their lives. But the mother may not always be in a position to breastfeed the baby every single time that they are hungry. This is where the electric breast pump comes in. It has made life so much easier for mothers everywhere by helping them to store their milk so that they can feed their baby according to their own convenience. But it is of immense importance for the mothers to make sure that their breast pumps are clean and hygienic so that only the best milk is provided to the baby. We at Dr Odin make sure of providing the best grade of electric breast pumps for this purpose so that both you and your baby get nothing other than the best quality of products.


- Try Not To Step Out Of The House Much:
While it is not safe for anyone to step out of their houses a lot these days, for new mothers it is absolutely imperative that they do not step out of their house unless it is of utmost importance as this can lead to them carrying certain germs and infections back to their infant at home. These little babies are more susceptible to these diseases as compared to us so it is no joke to keep them well protected from such outside germs as their body’s immunity has not been built properly yet.

- Rest And Make Your Baby Rest Enough:
Keeping a constant tab on your baby’s health can prove to be a difficult task as you will not immediately know what is wrong with them necessarily. So it is always a good idea to invest in a fetal doppler to keep a check on your kid’s heartbeat. Resting is also a very important part of taking proper care of little children as many online articles rightfully claim. It is of immense importance that both the mother and the child get enough sleep to be able to fight off infections in the case that some may creep in.

- Minimise Contact Of Outsiders With Your Baby:
While it may not be completely possible to keep your baby away from everyone who is visiting your house, but that does not mean that you can not take proper precautions to safeguard the health of your child. A good way to do this would be to not let other people hold the baby and instead make them meet him or her from a good distance to keep away the chances of any kind of infections. Also, make it a point to sanitise every person who enters your house in a proper and thorough way so that no germs are allowed to enter inside your doorstep.

- Indulge In Home Cooked Food:
This tip is mainly for the mothers. You may have heard so many times before that what you eat really has a great impact on the health and wellbeing of your offspring, especially if you are nursing them. So make it a point to not indulge in food which is brought in from outside or is even ordered in. It may satisfy your cravings for the time being, but it may lead to your child getting sick very easily. So you should instead opt for home cooked and healthy food so that the best of nutrition is able to reach your child in the best way possible.


- Sterilise All Utensils And Equipments That Are Used In The Vicinity Of The Baby:
Now this is a tip which needs no introduction as every new mother already knows the importance of sterilizing all the utensils and devices which come in contact with the baby on a regular basis, sometimes even multiple times in one day. This is a step which can not be overlooked at all or its importance undermined in any way, shape or form. Doing this extra effort can actually save your child from getting exposed to harmful chemicals, germs and hence, the diseases that they carry with them.

- Keep Sanitising The Spaces Around You:
This is probably the most important point in this list which is to keep sanitising all the spaces which you come in contact with on a day to day basis. What this will do is to keep all the areas free of germs and any kind of infections and hence your baby will not run the risk of getting afflicted with diseases which may be lurking in your house spaces. Different kinds of sanitisers are available for different purposes and you can have your pick after carefully deliberating upon which surfaces or spaces require regular sanitisation and how often they should be sanitised.


So now we have seen all the various ways in which new mothers can protect their newborns from falling sick unnecessarily, especially whilst the whole world is grappling with this pandemic. So let us know if these tips work for you!

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