Benefits of Heating therapy

Benefits of Heating therapy

Heating therapy has been a tried and tested part of Indian medicine for ages and it sure has proven its importance in every Indian household. In earlier times, there used to be these plastic bottles which used to be filled up with hot water and put on the affected areas, however, with the innovation of science and technology we now have electric heating pads which have shown great calibre as they are compact in size, easy to carry around and run on electricity. They have proven to be just as effective, if not more than our traditional heating therapy methods. Electric heating pads for back pain have been quite popular over the years and newer ones are flooding the market on a regular basis.

But there is still a significant knowledge gap and this has led to most of us having no idea about which electric heating pads are more reliable and on what specific pains should we use them. In this blog post, we try to bridge this gap and let you know all about heating therapy and its numerous benefits, especially in today’s times.

When should one indulge in heating therapy?

Heating therapy is mostly used for non-inflammatory pains like, acute soreness which may be caused after a long and exhausting day. This problem has become more and more common these days due to erratic work from home schedules and long hours of sitting in uncomfortable positions. Heating therapy is also extremely effective in reducing stiffness and pain in specific areas which are related to arthritis, or muscle cramps, muscle knots, and spasms. It is also a very reliable and proven form of easing cramps related to menstruation. Best electric heating pad for neck pain is also a very common but useful way to ease stiffness in it. Electric heating pads for back pain are also used by people who suffer from back related ailments on a regular basis.

When should one avoid using heat therapy?

Using heat therapy on every wound or pain may not be the best idea. Sometimes heat makes an injury even worse, thus, it has to be made sure that we use this therapy very carefully.

If your wounds are red and swollen, this probably means that they are fresh; you might want to wait for some days to apply heat to these new wounds. If the wound is infectious, there is no reason to apply heat therapy to it. Also, if there is visible inflammation in some area of your body, it is probably for the best for you to not use heat therapy and instead opt for a cool pack instead. But in any case, it is always the most wise decision to consult with a medical practiotioner first to avoid making your pain and wounds any worse than they are.

How to choose to buy an electric heating pad online?

As we are looking for something to put on our body surface, we need to make sure that we are buying nothing but the best. Also, there is no dearth of these heating pads which are available online. Thus, while buying an electric heating pad online, we must look for specific things like:

your body to provide instant relief to the afflicted area.

- Make sure that it has an automatic overheat security system so that it switches off in the case of it getting extremely hot so that it does not become a fire hazard and the product itself does not get ruined due to this.

- Since it works on electricity, it is imperative to check just how much electricity it consumes. It is always better to go for variants which are power efficient and require less electric power.

- Like we have a habit of checking the warranty with all our gadgets and home appliances, it is a must to check for warranty in this case as well. The product should come with some warranty, otherwise, these products can prove to be highly unreliable.

- Does it have the option to set the temperature as per your need? Checking this is imperative while buying an electric heating pad as everywhere has a different threshold for taking heat on ther body. It is important to find an electric heating pad which has multiple temperature changes so that they can cater to different needs altogether.

- Opting for an electric heating pad with a cover which is washable is a good decision since it is usually used on wounds and aches and may get infected or dirty in its course of usage over time. Replacing it at regular intervals is not the most financially economical option, so investing in an electric heating pad with a washable cover is a good bet.

Not every electric heating pad comes with all these features; however, we at Dr Odin make highly reliable and precise medical equipment. Therefore, opt for the best electric heating pad in India.

We make sure that our customers are not only completely satisfied but are also safe while using any medical equipment which is made by us. Our electric heating pads fulfil all your needs and come with all the required safety measures. They are affordable and can be exchanged for new ones if any of the parts are damaged if they come under the warranty period. Our electric and cater to all your different heating needs and requirements over time.

Now that you have seen all the numerous benefits of electric heating pads, we are sure that you must be convinced to buy one right away. Even if you do not suffer from any chronic pains and aches, it is always a good idea to keep an electric heating pad at home as you never know who might need it in your house on an immediate basis as it is able to solve a mutitude of different body issues and problems.

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