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Waldon Vibrating Yoga Dot Roller

Waldon Vibrating Yoga Dot Roller

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Waldon Vibrating Yoga Dot Roller is a multifunctional massage equipment ideal for self-massage, balance training, and to get relief from back pain, knee pain, calf pain, shoulder pain, running injuries, muscle tightness & body aches. This low-density muscle roller is convenient to use and very effective in stretching strained muscles and penetrating the soft tissue layer of tired muscles.


• Starts with 1 button
• Easy to clean
• 4 gears intensity
• High capacity battery
• Easy to use


• Please use the product according to the instructions
• Before using it please check the voltage
• Do not use this product while bathing
• Children and disabled people should not use it
• If you feel uncomfortable please do not use this product
• It is recommended to use it for less than 15 min each time
• Pregnant women and disabled people should only use it after consulting their doctors
• People with heart disease or other acute diseases must used this under the guidance of their doctor
• Do not use this machine when you feel unwell

Additional Info

• Model number: YC-618F
• Warranty:12 Months
• Voltage: Dc 9V
• Battery: 2000mah
• Rated Power: 9W
• Weight: 860g
• Product Dimensions: 30 * 8cm (L*D)
• Material: PU Leather + Foam
• Charging Time: PU Leather+ Foam
• Usage Time: 3 Hours depends upon the mode of speed
• 4 gear speed control function
• Nonslip design, can massage neck, back, leg & any part of the body
• Massager can give you a unique massage feeling
• When starting the massage use low speed then gradually increase the intensity
• Press the power switch to start the product (default is speed 1)
• Keep pressing to change the speeds (till speed 4 which is the highest)
• Pressing again will stop the massager

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