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Dr. Odin

Stethoscope Black Color

Stethoscope Black Color

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Dr. Odin stethoscope is lightweight to carry and comfortable to use. It comes with ear tips replacement for a comfortable and long-lasting fit. It has a strong brass frame for efficient sound transfer and offers high sound conductivity, noise reduction for clear hearing even in busy environments. It is the perfect gift for doctors and veterinary.



• Don't use hand sanitizers to clean this product
• Never rinse or soak the stethoscope
• Keep your stethoscope away from extreme heat, cold, solvents, and oils
• Do not place heavy objects on your stethoscope as it could excessively warp or bend
• Do not store it tightly folded in pockets

Additional Info

• Model number: NA
• Warranty: 3 months
• Chest piece: Aluminium
• Frame: Stainless steel
• High acoustic sensitivity
• Compact & durable design
• Diaphragm for monitoring low and high frequencies
• Marketed by: Passim Medichem Agencies, 186, Phase 2, IA, Chandigarh 160002

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