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Dr. Odin

Pulse Oximeter A330N

Pulse Oximeter A330N

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A pulse oximeter is a non-invasive and painless test that measures your oxygen saturation level or the oxygen levels in your blood. It can rapidly detect even small changes in how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart, including the legs and the arms. Dr. Odin’s A-330N is the best pulse oximeter online, which is equipped with technology to detect changes in your blood oxygen level rapidly.


• Flexible finger chamber
• One button operation
• 6 display modes
• Color OLED display
• Pulse rate waveform
• SpO2 & pulse rate
• Perfusion index
• Low battery indicator
• The measured data is for reference only


• Clean the product before and after use
• Don't shake the fingers or move your body during measurement
• This product will auto-shut down if a finger is not inserted properly
• Avoid using in strong sunlight and dusty environment
• Keep equipment away from children, pets & insects

Additional Info

• Model number: A330N
• Warranty: 12 months
• Dimension: 8.8 x 4 x 7 cms
• Weight: 45gms
• Includes: Pulse oximeter, 2AAA batteries, User manual, Lanyard

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