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Dr. Odin

Portable Oral Irrigator White FC2631

Portable Oral Irrigator White FC2631

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Dr. Odin Portable Oral Irrigator water flosser uses pulsing water flows to clean teeth, and it can remove harmful bacterial and food particles stuck to the teeth as traditional toothbrush can't reach inter-dental and gum-line easily and Dental floss can only make contact with a limited area beneath gum. This Dr. Odin Portable Oral Irrigator can clean your teeth more efficiently.


• Special internal anti-leakage design with patent
• User friendly
• 3-mode options: Normal, Soft & Pulse
• Power display
• 1400mAh lithium battery


• Don't use this product if it has a broken cord or plug
• Don't direct the water flow under the tongue or into the ear
• Use this product after reading all the instructions
• Don't drop or insert any foreign object into the product
• Don't charge the product with wet hands
• Don't use while bathing

Additional Info

• Model number: FC-2631
• Warranty: 12 months
• Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 22 cms
• Weight: 650 gms
• Includes: Main unit, 3 tips, User manual

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