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Dr. Odin

Hot and Cool Nylon Pack

Hot and Cool Nylon Pack

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Dr. Odin Hot and Cool Pack is transparent and reusable which is designed for Hot and Cold Therapy. This Hot and Cool Pack is designed to give relief from muscle pain. During Cool therapy, blood flow is reduced from a particular area, which reduces the inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially in joints. It can relieve pain by temporarily reducing the nerve activity. Cold therapy helps to minimize toothache, headache, and fever. Hot Therapy increases blood flow, delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, and removes cell wastes. The warmth decreases muscle spasm, relaxes the tense muscle, relieves pain, and can increase range of motion. As with cold packs, heat packs also help in easing pain from both acute and chronic injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle spasms, whiplash, and arthritis.


• Pain relief
• Reusable
• Washable cotton cover
• Leakage resistant
• Non-toxic


• Read the instructions before use
• Do not puncture the product
• Keep it away from sharp objects
• Always test pack temperature before application
• Never place pack directly onto the skin
• Always wrap the pack in a cloth or protective sleeve before use
• Always use it under adult supervision
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Check the pack for leakage before use
• Don't apply on wounds or cuts

Additional Info

• Model Number: NA
• Warranty: NA
• Cool Therapy For: Joint/ Muscles/ Arms/ Calf/ Sports Injuries/ Sprains/ Body Ache/ Bruises And Bumps/ Toothaches/ Eye Strain/ Headache
• Hot Therapy For: Muscular And Joint Pain/ Bachache/ Sores/ Rheumatoid or other Arthritis/ Geriatric Care Sprains/ Abscess and Boils
• Gel Bead Weight: 555gm
• Imported by: Passim Medichem Agencies, 186, Phase 2, IA, Chandigarh 160002

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Parvesh Chawla

I found it very effective in my back pain. It's very durable and easy to use. A must have for any kind of muscular or joint pains or any other kind of pain.

Ranchit Mehra

This gel pad is easy to use both for hot and cold applications. You need to plan a few hours in advance for the cold application as it has to be kept in the freezer for 3 hours. For the hot application it takes less than 2 minutes in the microwave.