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Dr. Odin

Fetal Doppler Hand Held AD51B

Fetal Doppler Hand Held AD51B

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Dr. Odin presents the Pocket Fetal Doppler Machine for pregnant ladies who want to enjoy the sound of their unborn baby. Enjoy the fantastic experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat with DrOdin Fetal Doppler Machine. The average heart rate of an unborn baby is approximately 102-160bpm.


• Mini USB charging
• Headphone jack
• Built-in speaker
• TFT display
• Display automatic FHR detection
• Rechargeable battery


• Read the instructions before use
• Before cleaning, switch off and take out the batteries
• Clean the probe before every use to disinfect
• Clean the probe & cable after every use with a damp cloth to remove gel
• Use only lithium batteries

Additional Info

• Model number: AD51B
• Warranty: 6 months
• Atmospheric pressure range: 50.0KPa-110.0kPa
• FHR scope: 50-240bpm
• Humidity range: 30%-90%
• Accuracy: ±2bpm
• Automatic FHR detection
• Built-in speaker
• Automatic shutdown
• Variable volume control
• Imported by: Passim Medichem Agencies, 186, Phase 2, IA, Chandigarh 160002

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