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Dr. Odin

Blood Pressure Monitor BP156A-A

Blood Pressure Monitor BP156A-A

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Dr. Odin 156AA blood pressure monitor is the most advanced blood pressure monitor available in India. It has a touchscreen display and an extremely responsive user experience. It automatically takes two measurements to show the most accurate readings.


• Unique Arr1 technology
• Fully touch screen
• Arrhythmia checking
• Talking function
• USB power source
• Support 2 users
• 120 user memories storage
• Alarm function
• Large backlight LED display
• Small & efficient design
• Dual power modes
• Auto cuff check indicator
• Arm movement indicator
• Extra large cuff


• Don't place the cuff over the wound part
• Too frequent measurements can cause injury to the patient due to blood flow interface
• Don't attempt to repair or service the product
• This monitor is intended to be used by adults only
• Don't use the batteries and the AC adapter to provide power at the same time
• Avoid eating and smoking before measurement
• Remove any garment that fits closely to your upper arm
• A loose Cuff or a sideways protruding air pocket causes false measurement values
• Remain seated quietly for at least 2 minutes before you begin the measurement

Additional Info

• Model number: 156AA
• Warranty: 12 months
• Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 18 cms
• Weight: 563 gms
• Includes: BP monitor, 4 AA batteries, User manual, Carry pouch, Cuff
• Imported by: Passim Medichem Agencies, 186, Phase 2, IA, Chandigarh 160002

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Touch Screen is the best thing I like in this machine

I purchaged this product for my wife. It's really good. It's very simple to use. Just you have to fix it and press the button to take reading. Just with a single press it takes two readings back to back and display the combined result with smart talking and compare the result as per WHO. This is a really nice product and value for money.


The readings are accurate, some people say that it shows different readings everytime are novice and has no idea about human body. Its obvious that BP readings gonna change after one check because the machine has pressed hard on your arm while checking BP. Also the arm needs to be relaxed and at level of heart for accurate readings. The machine does its job well, depends on the operator how much he/she knows.