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Dr. Odin 156AA blood pressure monitor is the most advanced blood pressure monitor available in India. It has a touchscreen display and an extremely responsive user experience. It automatically takes two measurements to show the most accurate readings.

Portable Design: Our portable blood pressure machine is designed in such a way so as to make it easier to be carried around so that you can take your blood pressure even on the go.
Accurate Results: This product is known to show accurate results which is extremely important if you are someone who regularly suffers from ailments related to the heart. .
Large LCD Display: This product’s large LCD display makes it easier to be read and the large font makes the readings visible and decipherable by anyone. .

Automatic Shut Down: The digital blood pressure machine has the feature of an automatic shutdown which comes in handy especially when you forget to turn it off so that it does not utilise unnecessary power
USB Power Source: This product comes with an inbuilt USB power source which makes it much easier to charge and use wherever you are and you feel the need to take your blood pressure readings
Support 2 Users: The best part about this product is that it supports two users who may want to check their blood pressure in an effective way

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