Ways to Soothe Sore muscles

Ways to Soothe Sore muscles

Since most of the world is working or studying from home due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the importance given to maintaining good posture while indulging in these necessary activities has gone for a toss. Nothing hampers work and study hours like tired, sore and achy muscles. You may have resigned yourself to living with them now but we have some solutions that will give you instant relief:

- Using electric heating pads:
Using heated compresses has been around for a very long time to ease muscle strain and pain. But newer and more innovative products have flooded the market which heat up in the blink of an eye and are able to quell aches effectively. Look out for our electric heating pads range (available on our website & other e-commerce websites).

- Moving Around:
The human body is not designed to stay stationary for long periods of time at a stretch, hence the aches and muscle strain that plagues us when we tend to sit at one place for extended periods of time. It is advised by medical professionals, to stand up and move around to activate all your muscles at regular intervals. For example, if you have been sitting in a spot for more than half an hour, get up from your desk and move around for 5 minutes before getting back to work.

- Healthy Diet:
We have heard the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet an innumerable number of times, but when tend to ignore these guidelines and indulge in junk food nevertheless. Though this does not have instant effects on our muscle strength, over time our body starts becoming weaker due to the absence of nutrient-rich diet. So the next time you start craving ice cream or that bar of chocolate, stop and think about the long term detrimental effects it can have on your body and instead opt for fibrous snacks.

- Physical Exercise:
It is a myth that doing only hardcore exercises can keep you healthy and fit. Slower and easily manageable activities like yoga and walking can also go a long way in maintaining your physical as well as mental health. Such activities can cut the harmful effects of living a largely sedentary lifestyle by a lot and multiple pieces of research have shown that they can relieve stress as well.

- Adequate rest:
Getting a full 8 hours of sleep every single night can transform your life in more ways than one. There is a reason that when you injure your body or are sick, you are advised to rest by your doctor. This is because the human body heals faster when you sleep.

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