Ways to Boost Immunity

Ways to Boost Immunity

With the rampant spread of COVID 19 all around us, the importance of boosting immunity has taken on a new kind of importance. Not only do we need to follow the age-old method of consuming fruits and vegetables but also other nutrients, vitamins and minerals which may be able to substitute for the goodness that is nowadays missing from our food. These come in the form of dietary supplements which can also function as immunity boosters to minimise the chances of us getting infected with Coronavirus. Following are the essential health supplements and their major benefits:

- Cod Liver Oil: This is the best method of supplementing Vitamin A and D in our diets. It also helps in providing the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA to our body. In addition to boosting immunity, it also aids in maintaining healthy brain function and eyesight. Along with all these health benefits, cod liver oil has been proven to increase energy and agility in humans.

- Flaxseed: Flaxseed has been known to contribute to good cardiovascular health among old and young alike. In these stressful times where all of us are constantly riddled with anxiety about our surroundings, many of our blood sugars have gone through the roof. A very effective way to keep it under control is to consume flaxseed oil regularly with meals.

- Multivitamins: As the name suggests, multivitamins are filled with the goodness of vitamins like B, C and K which aid in the improvement of stamina and vitality. Moreover, these help to fight stress and improve concentration, which we need a lot of considering that many of us are working from home currently and have an environment full of endless distractions.

- Omega 3: Some of the major uses of Omega 3 are that it helps to reduce blood triglycerides levels as well as alleviate joint stiffness and pain. Inflammation has also been seen to get better with the continued intake of such supplements.

- Vitamin E: With every city being polluted these days, our skin takes the major brunt of it. With continued exposure to sun and pollution, our skin acts up in the form of dark spots, sun damage and premature ageing through wrinkles. All of these skin problems can be largely solved by regularly incorporating Vitamin E in our diets as it helps to lighten dark spots, acts as a cleansing agent, prevents wrinkles, reduces sun damage and reverses ageing of the skin.

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