Tired of breathing issues - Try the best nebulizer in India

Tired of breathing issues - Try the best nebulizer in India


It is no new news that the air quality in our country is going down every single day. We see everyone developing health issues because of the bad air quality but the question is do we do anything about curing such issues on a long term basis. We saw cleaner air than ever when most of us were at home during the COVID 19 lockdown. But as cities have been opening up and vehicles have once again started plying on the roads, we as a society are slowly but surely going back to our old ways. This is where the need for the best nebulizer in India comes in.

As the pollution is returning to the atmosphere around us, the breathing problems of people at risk who already suffer from long term or even short term respiratory issues will increase manifold. And it is impossible for us to run to the hospital every time we face such an issue, especially Coronavirus having made these into infection hotbeds. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you keep the best nebulizer machine in India by your side every time. These small man-made machines are the answer to every problem that you might face when you have breathing issues.

If you feel shortness of breath while walking or sleeping, or if you have frequent respiratory infections, or feel congested every now and then, or feel chest pains, it is quite possible that you are at an early stage of asthma. These portable breathing machines for asthma and other respiratory problems will make your life easier and lead to lesser stress.

Another important thing to note about nebulizers are that these are different from inhalers. Nebulizers are far easier to use as compared to inhalers and help to put the medicine which is required by the patient, directly in their lungs making it more effective as a treatment. Also, the scope of wrongly using your nebulizer is lesser as compared to wrongly using an inhaler. This may seem like a far fetched idea but research has proven that a large majority of people fail to use their inhaler in the correct way which can prove to be extremely dangerous for people suffering from respiratory issues.


The nebulizers are small machines which help in administering medicines to give you instant relief in the cases of respiratory issues. They are small and handy and you can carry them with you on the go. They are easily available on the internet and you can pick one as per your requirement. These portable breathing machines are the lifesavers that we need today in this polluted and unfit for breathing atmosphere. They give you instant relief and save you from running to the doctor every time you face congestion. These machines are prescribed by doctors and they are efficient in what they do.


DrOdin’s handheld nebulizer machines are the best nebulizer in India. Don’t trust me? Read this.

Firstly, our nebulizer machines are small and handy and thus, can be carried everywhere. This must make you feel safe when you are travelling, or in the office or during festivals.

Secondly, these nebulizers are the best way to administer medicine to your kids as they do not cause any pain and give instant relief. Hence, these make up the best nebulizer machine for kids. Thirdly, they run on battery and are rechargeable. You can rest assured that they will never fail you in the hour of emergency. Next, it is suitable for people who find it difficult to breathe in specific patterns like children and elderly people. The dosage taken through these handheld nebulizer machines gives instant relief to the patients. Our efficient medical engineers have very carefully designed these portable breathing machines for asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases so that you can live a danger-free life.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to pick the best nebulizer in India?


In addition to being the best nebulizer in India, we also offer different types of these. We provide both the Piston Compression Nebulizer and Portable Mesh Nebulizer.

The Piston Compression Nebulizer works on the principle of forming air which is pressurized and which is then inhaled by the person taking it. It mainly works for liquid medicines. The only major con of these types of nebulizers is that they are slightly cumbersome and difficult to carry around especially during travelling or at places outside your home.

The Mesh Nebulizer is more portable than the piston compression one and works on the technology of vibration of the mesh by the use of ultrasonic frequencies to dispel the medicine into the person’s mouth much more effectively.


Even though the type of nebulizer which would suit you the best among these two would highly depend on various factors like frequency of usage, portability, age of patient etc. It has been largely believed that mesh nebulizers tend to be better than their piston counterparts mainly because of their portable nature. They are easier to carry around especially when you’re travelling and don’t have access to proper facilities for extended periods of time.

Apart from this obvious difference, another thing of note here is that many studies which have been conducted over the years have shown mesh nebulizers to be superior as they lead to a much shorter time of treatment. They are also more suitable for children who might find the piston compression nebulizers too complex and cumbersome to carry around all the time. Even working professionals who remain busy and have to travel extensively for their jobs can benefit from the easy to carry around nature of the mesh nebulizers over all other kinds of nebulizers.

Dr Odin provides both these types of nebulizers so that you can ultimately choose the one which suits your needs and requirements the best. We believe in making any respiratory problems that you may have, manageable for you so that it does not hamper your daily life in any way.

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