Managing Diabetes in an Effective Way

Managing Diabetes in an Effective Way

Contrary to popular belief, managing diabetes is not a difficult task. The one thing that it requires is adequate awareness about its effects, symptoms and problems that come in tandem with it all. This article will help you to understand how you can control your diabetes in an effective way so that it does not hamper your professional or family life in any way.


Emotional Responses Of Family Members:

Stress, depression, anxiety, and frustration are some universal emotions for friends and family members. Their common fear is that their loved one will develop various complications related to diabetes. Some of these complications associated with diabetes are problems with vision, kidney diseases, chronic heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc.

Financial Issues:

We all know to manage every chronic disease is expensive. Diabetes is costlier as it’s a lifelong disease, and there is always one or the other cost which comes attached to it. It includes some expenses like medications to control diabetes, other supplies, hospital stays, money spend on nursing homes among many others.

But some of these stressors can be reduced by taking good care of your body and by constantly checking your blood sugar so that appropriate medication can be taken in time according to the severity of the disease. Furthermore, you can save some money by controlling your blood sugar levels. Proper care can reduce the number of visits to the doctor.



Healthy eating leads to healthy living. But if you have diabetes, you need to choose your food wisely. Always remember it’s not only the food which matters, but it’s also the quantity of that food which is of equal importance.

- Manage carbohydrate intake

One of the basic elements of every diabetes management plan is to count the portion of carbohydrates in your diet. Foods that contain carbohydrates have a significant impact on your blood sugar levels. To take the proper insulin dose, you need to know the amount of your carbohydrates intake. You can use measuring cups or scale to ensure the appropriate portion size of carbohydrates in your meal.

- Eat well-balanced meals

Make a plan which includes beans, pulses, starch, fruits, vegetables, and fat. Pay special attention to the number of carbohydrates each food contains. Carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are best for people with diabetes because these are low in carbs and have an adequate amount of fiber. If you are not able to prepare a balanced diet for yourself, you can take the help of your doctor or nutritionist who can better guide you in this respect.

- Avoid sugary foods

Foods and beverages like soft drinks that contain more sugar cause a sudden steep rise in blood sugar levels. Though there is an exception if your blood sugar level is low; sugary drinks can raise your sugar level in no time.

Follow your medication plan strictly

To maintain your blood sugar levels, you need to follow the medication schedule properly. Your medication depends on whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. You need to ingest insulin or tablets accordingly. Whichever form of diabetes you have, you need to take medication. If you generally forget to take your medicines, you can set reminders on your phone to take it on time. Or you can put the box of pills in a place which you visit more in your house like the kitchen or hall.

Regular exercise

Daily exercise is good for overall health. When it comes to diabetes, it’s the best thing to control blood sugar levels. You can start it through a walk either in the morning or evening, which is beneficial for diabetic patients. You can place exercise machines at home or can join a gym. There are some exercises for diabetes patients which do not require any machinery and are freely available on the internet. These can be done in the comfort of your home as well.

Check your blood sugar levels regularly

To see where you are going, you must check your blood sugar levels regularly. If you are taking insulin, it’s essential to check your blood sugar level before every insulin intake. It’s also suggested to check your blood sugar level before taking a meal, taking a bath, and before exercise, especially before driving a car to make sure that your blood sugar level is not low. If you are on medications, check your blood sugar level once in a day. You can opt for Dr Odin’s Glucose Meter Kit to check your blood sugar multiple times in a day effectively yourself.



1. Knowing all about the disease

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose is very high. Blood glucose is the fundamental energy source that comes from the food you take. Pancreas make a hormone called insulin, which helps the glucose from the food you eat to enter into your cells which are used for energy. Sometimes your body fails to produce enough insulin or does not use it properly. Glucose stays in your blood and fails to reach the cells. After some time, the glucose quantity increases in your blood and creates many health issues and diabetes is one of them.

2. Know the ABCs of diabetes

To manage blood sugar levels, you must ask your doctors how to manage A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Because it helps you in lowering the chances of heart attacks and other problems which are associated with diabetes

● Understanding about A-one-C test

Most people think that it is the same as a routine blood sugar test, but it is different. This test measures your blood sugar level over the past three months. This test is critical and the numbers must not get too high as it can harm your heart, kidneys, and eyes.

● Blood pressure

Your blood pressure must be controlled, as high blood pressure can make your heart work hard. Due to high blood pressure, you can experience heart diseases, failure of kidneys, and blindness. For people with diabetes, blood pressure must be below 140/90.

● Cholesterol

There are two types of it: LDL is considered bad cholesterol. It clogs your blood vessels, which causes a heart attack. HDL is good cholesterol; it removes LDL from the blood.

3. Learn how to live with diabetes

It is common to feel conflicting emotions if you have diabetes. To maintain your blood sugar level, you must know how to deal with these emotions. We have some tips and tricks to manage your diabetes.

✓ Keep yourself busy

Anxiety and stress can raise your blood sugar levels. Try to keep yourself busy in different activities. You can do gardening, go for a walk, listen to your favourite music etc. If all of these hobbies do not help, you can take the help of people around you, like a mental health counsellor, your friends, or family members.

✓ Try to be active

Stay active all day by indulging in physical or mental activities. Plan a road trip with your friends. Get a membership of the nearby gym.

✓ Make a checklist

Make a checklist every day which includes your routine diet, exercise, blood sugar, insulin or medication intake, and other essential tasks. It will help you to manage your day well and reduce tensions related to it.

4. Get routine care to stay healthy

You need to schedule frequent visits to your doctor if you experience high blood sugar levels on a regular basis. You may also visit your doctor once a week to discuss your blood sugar levels. Don’t forget to check your blood sugar levels at home daily.


Diabetes can severely affect your professional life; it’s up to you how you can keep a balance between both. If you do not manage your diabetes, it can cause long absents from work. It can severely affect your reputation at the office. Follow the steps we discussed above to maintain your blood sugar levels.

We hope this article was able to inform you about everything that is needed to manage diabetes in a proper way. And like we mentioned before, managing diabetes does not have to be stressful all the time, especially if you follow the steps mentioned here.

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