How To Take Precautions For COVID 19 When Everything Has Opened Up

How To Take Precautions For COVID 19 When Everything Has Opened Up

Covid 19 is a pandemic which refuses to die down. After having battled with it for close to almost a year now, it is still far from being completely and truly over. But if you look around yourself, most people around you do think that it was over as soon as the lockdown was lifted. What it just ended up in doing was in causing a second wave of Coronavirus in many European countries as well as the United States of America. After suffering from such major calamities, some people are refusing to follow the many rules that have been put in place in order to curb the spread of this dangerous and infectious disease any further.

We can try to spread awareness about the benefit of still following precautions even post lockdown to our near and dear ones, who we still see flouting norms. And we can also on a personal level, follow a few very basic and simple norms so that we can ensure that we do not get to suffer from this ghastly disease. Read on to know more about what you can do on your part to remain safe and healthy for a long time.

- Keep Your Sanitizer Close:
Sanitizers are literally so important and people have become so careless in using them sparingly nowadays. At the beginning of this pandemic, people were scared and wanted to take all the necessary precautions in order to not become afflicted with this disease, but as the months have gone by, most people have gotten used to this way of living and have gotten bored of taking all these immensely important precautions to safeguard their lives. It should be made sure by everyone that they use particular sanitizers for different uses, for example, hand sanitizers are meant to be used on hands and surface sanitizers are meant to be used on surfaces among others.


- Do Not Forget Your Mask:
The face mask is one of the best armours that one has against the infectious spread of Coronavirus. Even though people wear masks, they do not always wear it in a proper way. Whenever you wear a face mask, it should cover your nose and mouth properly so that no virus can enter your body when you breathe in. Wearing a face mask does not require a lot of work. But it can do a lot in saving you from this potentially harmful disease. So it is imperative to make sure that you and all of the people who are close to you wear their masks regularly and in a proper manner.

- Avoid Gatherings Of More Than A Few People:
As the lockdown lifted, most people had felt so cooped up being stuck in their respective houses for so many months that they were just raring to go. But this led to a second wave of the infection spread in many countries around the world. It is the safest bet at least for the next few months to either stay inside your house even in the case of no lockdown being imposed by the government or meet smaller groups of people in open areas so that there are lesser chances of you getting infected.


- Stay Inside And Order Things In Instead Of Venturing Out:
It is always a good idea in these times to order things in instead of going outside to get them. This will ensure that you stay safe and come in contact with very few people who may be outside. This tip works for food, necessary items and groceries among other such things. If you do go out, it is extremely important for you to take all necessary precautions mandated by the government to stay safe and healthy.

- Exercising Is Important:
While it is important to stay inside your house as we have mentioned in our previous point, it is also very important to exercise. If you find it challenging to exercise inside the comfort of your own home, you can venture outside to do it in parks. The only thing that you need to take very good care of is to follow all precautions and to choose an open space which is not crowded by a lot of people.


- Take Vitamin C For Immunity:
Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins to boost your body’s immunity levels so that it can safeguard you from various diseases. You are only as strong as your immune system. While you can get Vitamin C naturally through citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, if it is not at all possible for you to incorporate these in your diet, you can plug this deficiency through the intake of Vitamin C dietary supplements. It can do wonders in protecting you from Coronavirus and other major diseases.

- Do Not Become Complacent While Following Mandatory Regulations:
This is one of the most important points in this blog post. While it is great that things are getting back to normal these days, it is important to remember that COVID 19 is far from being over. We can not afford to become complacent and as a result of that, failing to follow precautions which can do a good job of safeguarding us. It is for the benefit of you, your family and everyone around you to take these basic instructions and follow them all in a proper way.

Now that all of you have seen the various small non-committal ways to save you and your loved ones from Covid 19, do make sure to follow these different methods in order to flatten the curve of the spread of the disease as well. Even though most businesses have opened up post the lockdown and life is almost back to normal now, it does not mean that we can stop taking these precautions at any particular point of time until and unless this pandemic is well and truly over. And currently, it is far from being over. Following these steps will not only safeguard you but may also protect more vulnerable people around you.

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