How To Take Care Of Your Hair And Skin During Winters

How To Take Care Of Your Hair And Skin During Winters

Winters are upon us and with them they bring cold air which gets all of our sweaters and jackets out. While the probability of falling sick due to this cold air is immense, the worst brunt of the winter air is definitely suffered by our hair and skin. The cool and dry air tends to strip them of the moisture that they require, leaving them dull and lustreless. This is the most common complaint which makes the winter season a hard one to navigate for almost everyone, be it young or old people, men or women.

For this purpose, we thought that it would be a good idea to share some ways through which you can protect your hair and skin during this harsh winter season. We have gathered some tips and tricks which have been proven to work wonders without you having to do a lot or devoting extra time to your routine. If you do not take proper and timely care of your hair and skin, you may develop premature wrinkles or weak hair which break easily. If you are interested in protecting your hair from this fate, read the complete article and make it a point to follow all of these tips.

- Mask It Up:
You may not be a habitual masking fan but a good way to protect your hair and skin in this weather is to try some masks out. It is completely up to you if you want to use synthetic ones which are so easily available in the market these days or make completely organic ones at home using some ingredients found in the kitchen. Chances are that both of these alternatives will help to bring back the lost moisture in your hair as well as your skin. In addition to providing hydration, they also help to give them nourishment and care which can make them feel much healthier and better looking as well.


- Nourish Them From Within:
Just using external things like masks to treat your hair and skin problems may not work as well as treating them from within as well. The best way to nourish your hair and skin without putting in a lot of physical effort is to eat certain multivitamins which can function as effective dietary supplements for your body. A good example of these are the Sangsara Skin, Neem and Turmeric Capsules which contain all of the ingredients that your skin and hair are bound to love. If your body is nourished well from within, the chances of suffering from skin and hair related issues gets minimised by a lot.

- Drink Warm Water:
It is a known fact that drinking water has a lot of amazing overall health benefits. But did you know that drinking a lot of water on a day to day basis has been linked to better hair and skin as well? While we tend to drink a lot of water during the summer season due to the excessive heat and sweating which makes us feel thirsty more often, winters usually do not warrant such a thing from us. But this does not mean that we should give up on hydration completely in the winter months. Drinking warm water frequently throughout the day will result in better nourished hair and skin and you won’t have to struggle with dryness induced issues in them.


- Do Not Bathe With Hot Water:
One of the biggest mistakes that we commit during the winter months is to bathe with hot water. While stepping into a hot water shower on cold winter mornings can seem like an extremely welcoming way to start the day, this habit can spell trouble for your hair and skin by making them coarse and dry. At the same time we are not asking you to bathe with cold water at the peak of the season as that can lead to you catching a chill. Instead of following either of these extremes, a good idea would be to bathe with lukewarm water. This will help to protect your skin whilst also fending off a cold.

- Do Not Use Heaters:
Using radiators or central heating in your house during the winter season can seem tempting to ward off the cold. But these devices suck the moisture out of the air leaving your skin and hair much drier than before. Stripping your skin of its moisture can make it feel irritated and tight. In order to protect your hair and skin whilst staying warm and cosy in your home, use an electric bed warmer or a hot water bottle instead. These will provide your body with the warmth it needs without compromising on your skin or hair health.


- Do Not Neglect Your Sunscreen:
Most people only consider putting on sunscreen during the hot summer months. But what they do not know is that it is as important to use sunscreen in the winter months as well. The harmful ultraviolet radiation which the sun emits can greatly damage our skin. So it is important to not skip this step no matter the season. Some dermatologists believe that you should also put on sunscreen inside your house as some pesky radiation can filter in through windows and doors to harm your skin. If you do not already do that, add this important step in your daily skin care regimen.

- Do Not Go Out With Damp Hair:
Stepping out of the house with damp skin and hair can be a really bad thing for them. This is because when the skin and hair are moist, they both trap pollutants which are present in the air. These can then dry off into your hair and cause many common issues such as split ends, easy breakage and lost shine. Similarly it is better for you to dry off your skin and moisturise it before you get out of your house to start the day.


It may be a challenge to maintain the good health of your hair and skin during the winter months, but it is definitely not an impossible feat to be accomplished. If you follow all of the steps which we have mentioned in this article, you will be sure to protect your skin and hair from any unnecessary damage.

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