How To Save More Time For Your Health

How To Save More Time For Your Health

We have heard this so often that we do not get enough time in the day to look after our health and fitness. It is a constant struggle for many working individuals to find time to eat well, exercise well and sleep well, what with burgeoning schedules and intense working hours. While it may not be possible to find huge chunks of free time among such lifestyles, we might be able to save a few moments or even hours through the tips listed down in this blog post, to devote to ourselves and to our health which can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

- Plan Your Meals Beforehand & Freeze Them:
We may not realise it but a lot of our daily time goes into deciding what to eat, preparing it and then cleaning up after the meal. And this happens almost thrice a day, every day of the week. And this adds up to a lot when we consider it in terms of a year or our lifetime. While we cannot stop eating altogether, we can minimise the time spent to decide and prepare the food. This can be done by meal planning at the beginning of a week, cooking bigger batches of food together and freezing them. So when the time comes to eat them, they can just be reheated and consumed easily.

- Automate Daily Tasks Like Cleaning & Washing:
We generally do not realise how much time we can spend in cleaning our apartments and washing our clothes and other such necessary but time consuming tasks, especially if done manually. Automating these chores can end up saving a lot of time in general. A good way of not having to do them manually is to invest in automatic cleaners like the famous Roomba or in fully automatic washing machines among other such devices to lessen your headache about doing these tasks on a regular basis which can prove to be challenging and annoying.

- Use Digital Devices To Check Vitals Instead Of Doing It Manually:
While it is a good idea to keep checking your vitals, especially if you suffer from any particular long term disease like hypertension or diabetes, this can take up a good chunk of your time on a day to day basis, more so if you try to do it manually multiple times in the day every single time. Digital devices which aid you in taking your vitals can prove to be your time saviours in this respect. Opt for a digital blood pressure machine or a glucose meter kit among others to stay on top of your health and better manage your diseases.

- Try To Bundle Activities Together:
The best way to accomplish activities which take up a lot of time is to bundle them together so that you do not have to spend every day doing them and instead you are able to finish them in only one day. This bundling technique works great for tasks such as laundry, dusting, buying groceries among other such tasks. For example, running every two days to buy one or two grocery items can really set you back in terms of time but if you plan your grocery list properly in advance, you can just go once in a week or even a month to get all your items without wasting time commuting to the shop every few days.

- Plan Your Day And Set Realistic To Do Lists:
There is enough which has been said about the benefits of to do lists and planning your day. We are not really here to reiterate those things but to tell you how you can save time by doing these on a daily basis so that you are able to enjoy your life and stay healthy. The most important thing to remember while making a to do list is to set realistic goals throughout the day as overpromising yourself can lead to disappointments and unnecessarily wasted time. Take five minutes to plan out your day in the morning so that you remain efficient throughout the day and do not get overwhelmed by the number of things that you have to do that day.

- Use The Do Not Disturb Feature On Your Phone While Working To Minimise Distractions:
Did you know that sitting down to work without any distractions can prove to be a big boon in terms of saving time and getting work done faster for you? The best way to do this is to switch off your phone or use the do not disturb mode on it to quell distractions. You could also opt to work early in the morning or late in the night, whichever you prefer, so that when lesser people are awake, they can prove to be much less of a distraction to you.

- Try To Work During Your Most Productive Hours To Get More Work Done In Lesser Time:
This is a tip which is often ignored by people and is a major culprit in making people lose so much time without a reason. While you may not have flexible work timings but if you do, you can choose to work during the time of the day in which you consider yourself to be able to do the maximum amount of work. For this, first you need to figure out a time in which your brain and your body are the most fresh and productive. This way you will get more things accomplished in a much lesser frame of time, leaving some time free for yourself.

Now that you have seen all the different ways in which you can end up saving a lot of time in the long run, you can follow these and bank time which you can then devote to your health and in taking good care of your body and mind. But only these things will not help you to conquer your fitness and wellness struggles, rather these are the starting points of that path. It is important to incorporate discipline and follow a routine in your daily life to be truly fit and healthy so that you stay away from diseases and other health problems.

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