How To Safely Restart Your Exercise Regime

How To Safely Restart Your Exercise Regime

If you have clicked on the title of this blog post, you must already relate to the topic on some level. Haven’t we all been there at least once in our lives, or in our case, many times! It is quite natural to stop exercising suddenly even if you have been pretty consistent with it over time. This could happen due to a change in lifestyle, stress about work or life in general among many other things. If you are indeed one of the people who are looking for a way to kickstart your exercise regime again, you have come to the right place.

If you have fallen off the bandwagon of exercising regularly over the last couple of months or even years, this is the perfect time to get back to it. As our country is facing another serious COVID wave, exercising can help to get your mind off depressing news. You can also strengthen your body through the means of working out so that you are better able to fight off the infection, in the case that it does come for you. Also, instead of going to gyms to work out, it is far safer right now to work out inside the comfort and protection of your own house. Now that we have discussed why we need to restart our workouts, let us jump on to how to do it exactly. Read on to know all about the different ways to do that.

- Set Realistic Expectations:
The most important thing in the case of restarting your workout routine is to set realistic goals for yourself. One other thing to keep in mind is to not compare your current performance to your past results as that will not turn out to be a fair comparison to make. When your body gets back to working out, it will take some time to get used to the exercise, especially if you have not done it for quite a while. Set new and achievable goals so that you are able to attain them and you do not lose your motivation to workout.

- Monitor Your Health:
One other thing to keep in mind once you restart your workouts is to monitor your vitals on a regular basis through the use of devices such as blood pressure monitor and body fat analyser as getting back to an exercise regime can prove to be challenging for your body. Keeping a close check on your vitals will help to tell you if you should take it slow or if you can manage to get more intense with your workouts. This will aid you to avoid overworking your body in any way.

- Focus On Your Body’s Form:
Exercising with correct posture and form is an extremely important point, but one which most people tend to overlook quite commonly. If you exercise a lot but your form is wrong, it can do more harm than good for your body. It can further lead to unnecessary strains on your muscles and cause injuries to your joints. This can also spell trouble for you in the long run. Make sure that you focus on your form while working out or take the help of professionals if you are having trouble with it. You can also invest in the ever so versatile hot and cool pack to bring instant relief to any muscles which may get strained in the normal course of your workouts.

- Start Slow And Steady:
In addition to setting realistic goals, it is important for you to start your exercise routine slowly but steadily. This can make sure that you are able to sustain this lifestyle for far longer and do not burn out or injure yourself in any way. A smart thing to do here would be to start with easy to do exercises and gradually build up resistance to do the harder ones. Directly starting with the hard exercises can lead to you not being able to do them and then losing motivation which does not benefit anybody.

- Bring Discipline Into Every Aspect Of Your Life:
You may have heard this numerous times that being disciplined can be really helpful in the case of getting your life together. Same is the deal with restarting your fitness regimen. If you do not exercise some basic discipline in all aspects of your lifestyle, it is not going to be helpful at all. For example, if you workout really hard but do not eat healthy foods, you will not be able to become completely fit. Also, if you do not set a particular time for doing your workouts every single day, you may just end up falling off the bandwagon.

- Find Ways To Stay Motivated:
If your problem area in continuing workouts is the lack of motivation, then you need to find a solid one before you restart your workouts. Your motivation to workout can be anything from getting into shape to living a healthier life. Just find one thing which works for you which also has the potential to sustain as your motivation for a long period of time. If you still find it hard to get the right kind of motivation, you may want to refer to one of our previous blog posts which underlines the ways in which one can stay motivated for longer.

- Start With Doable And Fun Workouts:
If you believe that workouts can only be boring or can be done in one place, you may want to rethink those set of beliefs. It is important to enjoy your workouts. If you hate them and are only doing them forcibly, you will naturally stop doing them after some amount of time. The key is to have a healthy balance of strength training and cardio. You can also engage in fun workouts such as skipping, playing ball, roller skating and more. Whichever activity or game you like works the best in this case.

Now you know that getting back to working out is not supposed to be as tricky as it seems. All you need to do it is a strong will coupled with all the points above. Do let us know if these tips worked out for you or not!

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