How To Relieve Stress From Your Neck And Shoulders

How To Relieve Stress From Your Neck And Shoulders

According to a lot of recent research, most of us humans carry our daily stress in certain parts of our body. Stress tends to accumulate most commonly in areas such as the neck, back and the shoulders. This can lead to acute pain in these areas. Do not get us wrong, pain in such areas does not only result from being stressed, instead it can also be a sign of bad posture or even deeper and more dangerous long term issues which you need to get checked for. But for the purpose of this article, we will focus on the stress related pains and aches which tend to arise in our muscles and joints and some easy to follow ways in which one can relieve them.

More often than not, most of us are stressed. Be it for the purpose of work, home or just general living. There is usually so much to do on a daily basis but somehow never enough time to actually get it all done within that specific time frame. This perpetual running to complete your tasks can keep you constantly stressed and before you even realise it, you will start carrying that constant stress in certain parts of your body. Read on to find out how you can relieve such stress from your neck and shoulders.

- Use A Warm Compress:
Using a warm compress on your back, shoulders and neck is great for relieving stress that you tend to carry in those places. A good product to invest in, in such a case is a hot and cool bagpack. Just putting a warm compress on the afflicted areas can make a huge difference in relieving your pains and aches which are brought on by stress. Heat therapy is known to make your blood flow in a much easier way so it is a very effective way for relieving pain. Make it a habit to put a warm compress on your neck or shoulders once every few days and we can assure you that you will be able to see a massive difference in those points.


- Stick To A Self Massage Routine:
It may not be possible to go for massages every single week or after a few days, so it is a much better idea to learn a few basic tips and tricks on how to properly massage your stress points. There are many YouTube videos which are available online to help to guide you through the first few times. Once you get into the groove of it, make it a point to indulge in a self massage every few days. Increase the frequency of it if you feel that more and more stress is piling up on you.

- Make Adjustments To Your Posture:
Having a good posture may not seem like a huge thing but it can really add up to aggravating your aches and pains over time. So, it is better for you if you look up the correct posture which is going to work for you and implement it in your day to day life. Be conscious of your posture whenever you are sitting, standing or even walking around. Catch yourself if you are not having the correct posture and correct yourself regularly. Even though this tip is not directly related to relieving stress, if your posture is correct, it can really help in reducing the knots in your neck and shoulders.

- Make It A Point To Never Work From Your Bed:
With so many of us working from home these days, most houses are not equipped with a proper chair and table from which you can work. So many of us actually end up working from uncomfortable places like our beds or our couches which can seem like a good idea for the time being but can really prove to be a bane for us in the long run. It can really ruin your posture and lead to unnecessary crinks and pains in your bones and muscles.

- Do Some Neck And Shoulder Movement Exercises:
Apart from indulging in a self massage every now and then, you can also do some neck and shoulder movement exercises on a daily basis. Again, inspirations for these are available galore in the online space. Once you have a set of movement and stretching exercises that work for you, make a flow of these so that you do not skip on them and they remain consistent over time. This has been proven to be a lifesaver in relieving stress from your muscles and to loosen up the knots that tend to stick in them due to it.

- Invest In A Standing Desk:
Standing desks have very recently come into vogue as they encourage you to stand and work instead of the conventional way of sitting and working. But they have not come into fashion just because they are the new cool but they also help in providing certain benefits. Standing desks help you to engage most of your muscles while you are working instead of sitting which is considered to be mostly a passive activity. This tip can really help you if you are really busy and do not get enough time to work out.

- Replace Your Pillow On A Regular Basis:
Your pillow may seem like such a nondescript thing to pay attention to but trust us that it can really add to your stress if it is not suitable for your neck. You need to find a pillow which is neither too hard nor too soft as either of those two extremes can aggravate your aches. You can also consult your general physician about the perfect kind of pillow for you and which you can use to sleep on every single night. Also make it a point to change your pillow on a regular basis as using the same pillow for extended periods of time can lead to discomfort.

If you follow these steps on a regular basis, there is absolutely no way that you will not be able to relieve stress from your neck, shoulders and back easily.

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