How To Live Longer Naturally

How To Live Longer Naturally

One of the major things that we all as a society tend to struggle in equal measure about is the drive to live a much longer life. While science and technology has made major leaps and bounds in this case, and has hence awarded us with a longer and more fulfilling lifetime, there are still other things that we can do off of our own accord to ensure that we indeed do live a much longer and healthier life.

There is a very popular quote which says that life is not about the number of years that you live, but the quality of those years should be good. We at Dr Odin wholeheartedly believe in this quote and want everyone to live a good life, whatever your definition of a good life may be. This is the exact reason why we have scoured the internet for the best tips for you so that you can follow them and they can contribute to you living well. Read on to find out what these tips, which need to be followed on a regular basis, are.

- Incorporate Berries In Your Diet:
The importance of incorporating different kinds of berries in your everyday meals cannot be undermined in any specific way. All these berries have various health benefits which we have covered extensively in our Instagram series called ‘Health benefits of…’ which you can head over to our page and check out. The bottom line is that these berries are known to contain a good amount of antioxidants which help to make your life longer and reduce the onset of natural degenerative health processes. This is also linked to slowing down of ageing processes in the long run, hence eating berries like strawberries and blueberries can actually prove to be really good for you.

- Eating Veggies Are The Way To Go:
Now this is a tip which needs no introduction as all of us already know that eating green and leafy vegetables has a host of different benefits which are really advantageous for your mind and your body. Eating vegetables which are cruciferous in nature like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli have been linked to reducing the spread of cancers and also preventing the onset of the harmful disease by many widespread studies of the world. All these green vegetables are great sources of multiple vitamins and minerals as well as fibre which have been proven to protect the human body from degeneration and damage in the long run.

- Multivitamins Are Your Saving Grace:
It is impossible to incorporate all the goodness of most nutrients in your everyday food and it may even get too exhausting to ensure that such a thing happens every single time in which you eat your food. Therefore, in such a case, multivitamins can become your saving grace. But it is always an advisable thing to consult your doctor before taking any kind of multivitamins on a regular basis. Let your general doctor access which nutrients are missing from your food and which you require and then you can get the multivitamins which have those nutrients and slowly and gradually you can incorporate them in your diet.

- Incorporating Beans In Your Diet Is Important:
Beans are supposed to be really good for the human body as they provide the necessary proteins in your diet but do not have as much saturated fat as meat has. They also have a greater amount of fibre which is great for maintaining good gut health for a longer period of time. Eating meat on a regular basis can lead to the increased risk of heart diseases and higher cholesterol levels over time. Beans also serve to prove a good solution for people who are more inclined to eating plant based diets or people who are vegans or vegetarians. Their regular protein requirement can be fulfilled through incorporating beans in their diet.

- Eat Your Nuts On A Regular Basis:
It is advisable to eat a small amount of nuts every single day, almost like a handful. What this helps in doing is to protect you from common diseases such as heart related ailments, many forms of cancer and diabetes. As has been proven by a number of research papers written on this subject, eating nuts on a regular basis can also reduce the risk of you dying an early death. There are a number of healthy components in nuts such as protein, fibre and unsaturated fat, which can provide a lot of health benefits to your entire body as well as keep your mind sharp for a much longer period of time.

- Make Sure To Give Your Body Enough Hydration:
Drinking a certain amount of water or liquids every single day is paramount to maintaining good health and hence living a longer life. Hydrating your body after intervals every single day can prove to be extremely beneficial as water serves as a natural lubricant to your body. This leads to it contributing to major processes running smoothly in your body on a day to day basis. Even if you do not drink water, you can indulge in other kinds of liquids like juices and smoothies, which leads us up to our next important point to live a longer life.

- Indulge In A Lot Of Natural Juices And Smoothies:
Like the last point which we mentioned before this, the importance of keeping your body hydrated throughout the day cannot be undermined in any way. One way of doing that is to drink enough water in the day. But eating fresh fruits and vegetables is also very necessary in living a healthy life. If you are not very fond of eating them raw, what you can do is to grind them up and make juices and smoothies out of them so that they are more palatable for your taste and you can consume them easily.

Living a longer life should not be your only goal, rather adding quality to that long life should be your ultimate aim. We really hope this article helped you in living a better and a longer life.

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