How To Lessen The Effects Of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

How To Lessen The Effects Of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome is a condition which almost half of the world’s population faces every single month. But the awareness related to how its symptoms can be mitigated is not that widespread. This syndrome usually occurs right before a woman undergoes her menstrual cycle and sometimes persists even through it. Usually the symptoms of this condition include abdominal pain, cramps in lower back, legs and abdomen, mood swings, feeling of nausea and dizziness among other things. Every woman faces a unique severity of these symptoms every month.

If you are someone who struggles to live your normal life during these times, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing some extremely effective tried and tested ways to help give you relief from such symptoms. This is because we believe that while most women go through this problem quite regularly, that does not mean that they need to unnecessarily suffer because of it, especially when there are some easy methods to relieve them. So if you feel like you could use these tips in order to feel more at ease during that time of the month, read on!

- Engage In A Little Bit Of Exercise:
Cramping is usually caused due to the uterus trying to rid itself of its inner lining. Some basic stretches and light exercises can help to provide almost instantaneous relief in such a case. Moving your body a little in the form of walking or dancing can help to heat up your body which can aid the uterus in shedding its lining in a much more effective manner. This ultimately helps to relieve severe cramps. It is important to note here that PMS can make you feel extremely weak so you should not engage in too strenuous a workout as that can sometimes be counterproductive and cause the pain to become even more and can even lead to fainting in major cases. 

- Doing Basic Stretches:
Like we touched upon in the previous point, engaging in some basic stretching routine can help your uterus to relax and hence to stop cramping. Many yoga poses like a child's pose and sitting on your haunches can really ease the discomfort that occurs due to premenstrual syndrome in your lower back and abdomen. Yoga can also help in providing your body with the rest it needs during such a time. Many women around the world swear by this method as it is a completely natural way of having an almost painless menstrual cycle, if engaged in often enough.

- Using Warm Compresses On Abdomen:
As we have discussed before in this article, heat is one of the best ways to relieve discomfort and acute pain in the abdomen area pre or during your period. A good way to provide continuous heat to your body is to invest in either a hot and cool pack or a hot water bottle especially for these times. As soon as you start experiencing PMS, use warm compresses on the affected areas. This is one of the fastest and easiest methods to get relief from even the worst kind of menstrual pain. 

- Having A Bit Of Chocolate:
One of the major symptoms of premenstrual syndrome apart from cramping is experiencing debilitating mood swings. This happens because when you are just about to get your period, the hormones in your body tend to be all over the place. This is also the reason why some women experience acne breakouts during these days. Having a little bit of chocolate can help to rein in those mood swings as it has been proven to release mood stabilising and happy hormones in our body. The production of such chemicals can make us feel infinitely better and may even kick in the placebo effect which can ultimately nurse us back to good health.

- Hydrating Periodically:
Since most women’s bodies are unique and react differently to PMS, some women experience a symptom of it which makes them feel a lot warmer than usual. This can lead to extreme sweating and feeling like you can not breathe. This can lead to the body becoming dehydrated if it tends to occur too frequently. In order to stop this from happening, you can make it a point to drink enough water during these days. You can make this easier for you to follow if you keep a filled water bottle with you everywhere you go to remind yourself to keep your body hydrated and well. 

- Engage In A Comforting Activity:
This point is more psychological than physical as your period becomes so much easier if you just learn to deal with it well. If you are at constant odds with your body, then needless to say, you will have a much more difficult time coping with your menstruation. To get your mind off of the painful symptoms, engage in certain activities which tend to provide you comfort. This could be anything like watching your favourite movie, reading a cosy book, or listening to a playlist of your best songs. This can also function as a great way of boosting your mood, helping to lessen those bouts of mood swings.

- Eat Lots If Fruits:
PMS has been known to cause stomach uneasiness and bowel problems in women. A good way to counter this is to eat a lot of fresh fruits and salads. These help to provide roughage to the body which eases the bowel movements, making the stomach feel less uneasy. Also, drinking warm beverages like herbal teas can also help to ease the ache. If you especially struggle with acute pain during your menstruation, you may want to skip on drinking anything cold for a couple of days in order to not make the pain any worse. 

Instead of nipping these issues into the bud, it is important to talk about them and to spread awareness about how women can deal with them in a better way. We hope that this article could help you in having a safe, easy and healthy menstruation. Do make it a point to share it with all the women you know to help them in managing their PMS effectively.

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