How To Keep Your Health In Check For Diwali

How To Keep Your Health In Check For Diwali

The festive season is upon us and the Diwali cheer has come to quell our pandemic blues and get us in a happy and cheerful mood. While it is the norm to let loose and forget about our diets and fitness goals during the festive season, there can be some extremely harmful habits that we tend to partake in during this time that can prove to be very detrimental to our health. But the best part about all of this is that these can be avoided easily by following a few easy and doable steps.

We talk about these simple ways in which we all can enjoy the season of festivals without having any bad ramifications on our health in the long run. These will also help to safeguard you from any short term discomfort during Diwali as well so that you are able to enjoy fully with your friends and family and do not have to worry about your health. We have mentioned some tried and tested methods so that you are able to have a happy and safe Diwali.

- Eat lesser sweets:
Even though we have heard enough about the abundance of calories that are present in sweets which are specially exchanged and bought during Diwali, we tend to give in to our sweet tooth and binge on these throughout the days leading up to the festival and even after it. The best way to reduce the intake of unnecessary calories during festivals is not to shun them completely because this will only leave you unsatisfied and keep you craving for them. It will also make you lose your will to abstain from having any. Moderating the number of sweets that you eat is a much better and effective way to keep your body healthy and avoid suffering from diseases like diabetes in the future.

- Invest in air purifiers and nebulizers if you suffer from breathing problems:
The Diwali season is known for reducing the Air Quality Index (AQI) of many places since a lot of crackers are burst in and during this time. This leads to air pollution and can cause real problems for people who already suffer from breathing problems by making these much worse. Breathlessness and difficulty in breathing are some common symptoms which arise due to poor AQIs in cities. While it is a good idea to invest in air purifiers for homes for everybody but for high-risk people, it is imperative to do so. Moreover, it is beneficial to buy the required nebulizers in time in order to minimise the suffering caused due to bad air during these times.

- Discourage people from burning crackers:
Tying in with the previous point, even though crackers have been and are being banned in many states and cities this year, with strict regulations on use in others, it is highly possible that you experience some people still bursting them on the sly. If you encounter such people, make sure to take a stand and educate them about the numerous harmful effects of bursting crackers on the atmosphere as well as on the health of all people. Also, encourage your family members and friends to do the same beforehand so that the air remains a little cleaner than before due to your efforts. This will keep you healthy as air pollution can cause lung diseases and respiratory problems even in perfectly healthy people without any related history of such diseases.

- Do not consume alcohol or smoke if you have existing heart-related conditions:
Like we have mentioned before, we tend to let go of our routines and want to have fun during the festive season. But make sure that you are not doing that at the cost of your health. For people who suffer from heart-related ailments, it is always a good idea to abstain from drinking alcohol and indulging in smoking during Diwali as these activities can make your blood pressure levels shoot up suddenly leading to heart attacks and other serious problems which will require immediate medical attention. Therefore, it is better for you to instead keep checking your blood pressure levels with a blood pressure monitor so that you are on top of all information regarding your health.

- Stick to small gatherings instead of big parties:
With COVID still wreaking havoc on our lives, it is far from being over. Even with the decrease in the number of cases, it is in the benefit of yourself and everyone around you to stay safe from this disease. The easiest way to do so is to stick to small intimate gatherings for Diwali, instead of attending or throwing Diwali parties on a grand and lavish scale, as you would do during normal times as these can become COVID hotspots in retrospect. Opt for connecting with your relatives, friends and family through online video calls instead to ensure safety for all of you.

- Don’t visit a lot of houses like you usually do, opt for online gifting instead:
While visiting the houses of close friends and family and exchanging gifts with them forms an essential chore of Diwali, it is in the best interest of everyone to forego this tradition this year in order to follow social distancing norms and curb the spread of coronavirus. A better idea would be to send gifts, goodies and shopping vouchers online to your near and dear ones instead of personally going to their place and gifting it to them. This will help in keeping both the parties safe from COVID and you will be able to enjoy the festival fully.

- Instead of buying food from outside, make it at home while keeping your health needs in check:
Do something different this Diwali by cooking food at home instead of buying it from shops. This can be more beneficial to your health as you can customise these foods according to the various health issues that you may be suffering from. For instance, if you suffer from heart diseases or want to lose weight, you can cook these delicacies in low-fat oil to better suit your needs.

We at Dr. Odin wish you a happy, safe and healthy Diwali. So how will you celebrate your Diwali in this new normal?

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