Effective Ways To Ward Off A Sinus Attack

Effective Ways To Ward Off A Sinus Attack

With the rainy season almost upon us, the air is full of common infections and diseases which are just ready to plague us. One common disease of this sort is known as sinusitis which is basically the inflammation of the sinuses which are present in the face of human beings. There are mainly four different kinds of sinuses and either one or all of them can get inflamed due to the infiltration of foreign bodies such as pollen grains, animal fur or other such irritants. The swelling of these sinuses causes the mucus to get trapped in them and hence not being able to drain in a proper way.

While some people are just more susceptible to sinus infections at particular times of the year, and you may have made your peace with these troubling infections, it does not mean that you can not do anything once you get them. Indeed, there are many ways in which you can get relief, sometimes instant from sinus blockages and congestion without taking any over the counter medication. In this article, we will be discussing some easy but extremely effective ways through which you can ward off these unwanted and mostly annoying sinus attacks without having to lose any precious sleep over them.

- Try To Focus On Other Activities:
The one foolproof way to get relief from sinus congestion is not physical but actually more psychological. The more you focus on how you are not able to breathe properly, the more difficult it will be to cure the infection. Distracting yourself by engaging in some activities which you really enjoy doing can make a huge difference in such a case. Now we know that this notion may sound absolutely absurd to you but the next time you do get afflicted by a sinus injection, trust us and try this tip out to get some relief. Many people swear by it and since you get to do your favourite activities in the meantime, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

- Inhale Steam Periodically:
Now let us talk about some non-placebo ways in which you can seek some intermittent relief from your sinus infection. Using a digital heart rate monitors and steam inhaler to clear out the sinuses has been proven to be an extremely effective way in getting fast, if not instant relief from congestion. Clearing out your sinuses helps the mucus to drain and to reduce the inflammation. This can really help you to breathe better. For the best results in such a case, you can try to take steam twice or thrice a day. Or you can indulge in it even more in the situation of you having a severe infection.

- Switch Cold Drinks With Hot Beverages:
Hot beverages can really help in warming up your body and hence reducing the amount of swelling in your sinuses for easy drainage of the mucus from there. Additionally, the steam from them can also help to open up your nose so that you are able to breathe in a much better way. Cold drinks on the other hand only make you feel even sicker as they can make your symptoms worse instead of better. In addition to hot beverages like tea and coffee, you should also make it a point to drink enough warm water throughout the day to help with the congestion.

- Use Heat Therapy:
If you are not a big fan of taking in steam after every few hours, another hack which can work very well for you is using heat therapy to relieve the pressure. A good way to do that would be to invest in a digital heart rate monitors and hot and cool pack and use it as a hot compress for your face. The only thing which you need to be extremely careful about in such a case is to not make the compress so hot that it burns your face. But it needs to be hot enough so that it can transfer the heat to your facial muscles and relax your sinuses.

- Use A Neti Pot:
A neti pot is a contraption which is used to drain your sinuses by pouring distilled water through one nostril and the mucus coming out through the other one. This way has been proven to instantly help in decongesting your sinuses and hence being able to breathe in a much better way. These neti pots are easily available in the market or even online. If you are trying out this method for the first time, we suggest you follow a video tutorial online so that you are able to do it in the right way.

- Take A Hot Shower:
Taking a hot shower or a hot bath can also help in relieving your sinus pressure. The steam from the hot water works in the same way as a steam inhaler does. It helps to relax your facial muscles and hence get the mucus out of your system in order for you to be able to breathe in a much better way. Feeling clean can also help you to feel less sick psychologically which can also aid in your recovery.

- Get Enough Rest:
Resting enough when you are suffering from a sinus attack can help in your body fighting off the infection in a much better way. It is a widely known fact that the more you sleep when you are down with a disease, the better your body is able to deal with it. This is because all the body’s resources are diverted to fighting the infection helping one to feel well much quicker. Incorporate short naps throughout the day to help your body in the natural healing process.

So the next time you get a sinus infection or an attack, do not worry at all. Just follow all of the steps which have been listed in this article to help ward it off quickly and easily. Do share this article with someone who regularly suffers from sinus infections. Also, let us know if these tips were able to help you if you are the one whose sinuses get the better of them usually.

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