Common Reasons For Weakness And How You Can Treat It

Common Reasons For Weakness And How You Can Treat It

It is impossible that you have not suffered from any kind of weakness at least once in your life. Sometimes it is also accompanied by fainting and vomiting. This can occur due to some underlying health problems which need prompt medical attention. The weakness that you feel can range across different intensities. While it is somewhat normal to experience a moderate level of weakness due to a host of different reasons sometimes, if this reoccurs too frequently, you may want to start by scheduling a check up with your doctor. Since many different things can cause you to feel weak, it is not right to club everything together under one head.

Since extreme weakness can point to something serious, it is imperative to understand what exactly causes it and how it can be remedied. Once you know all about this common occurrence, you will also be able to recognise when it is something out of the ordinary and you can then seek medical help accordingly. Therefore, for your benefit, in this article we have curated quite an exhaustive list of common reasons why you tend to feel weak and how you can cure it or bring it under control to continue being your best productive self always. Read on to know all about it.

- A Sudden Dip In Blood Pressure:
If you tend to suddenly feel weak without any particular reason that you can put your finger on, a dip in your blood pressure can be a likely culprit for it. While the blood pressure can dip due to no reason whatsoever sometimes, if you have a family history of it or if it tends to occur too frequently, it is important to keep a check on it by using a digital blood pressure monitor and to consult a doctor for the same. If the doctor deems it to be serious enough a case to require regular medication, it will not just remedy itself. Taking your medicines regularly can help to contain your blood pressure and will stop you from feeling weak unnecessarily. 

- Nutrient Deficiency:
Feeling weak or not having enough energy to do regular tasks can often point towards a nutrient deficiency in your body. If you do not eat enough green vegetables and fruits in your diet on an everyday basis, chances are that your body is not getting the required nutrients which it needs in order to be able to function in a proper way. If you constantly feel zapped of energy, you can consult your doctor for the same and can also start incorporating some helpful multivitamins in your diet to plug any deficiencies. For example, if you do not eat enough iron rich foods, you may suffer from anaemia which can bring on some serious weakness and fainting spells.

- Not Eating Food For Long Hours:
Food is the fuel which your body needs to run. If you deprive your body of food constantly for long periods of time, how will it get the energy which it requires to function? It is obvious to feel weak in such a case. Also, if you do not drink enough water throughout the day, it can lead to a bad case of dehydration, especially in the summer months when your body loses much more water due to sweating. If you stay busy a lot and often forget to eat food or drink water at the right time, put reminders and alarms on your phone to aid you in remembering to nourish your body correctly. 

- Spending Too Much Time In The Sun:
While it is important to go out in the sun in order to get the vitamin D which your body requires to stay well, it is also not very healthy to stay out in it for too long. Spending too much time outside directly under the harsh sunlight, especially during the afternoons can lead to fainting spells. In extreme cases it can also lead to a case of heat stroke which can prove to be fatal. You should plan your day in a way that you stay in the sun when it is not at its peak. If it is unavoidable, you should make it a point to keep hydrating yourself to avoid fainting or feeling weak.

- Low Blood Sugar:
If you regularly suffer from a case of having low blood sugar, then that can be a reason why you feel weak most of the time. In such a case, it is always beneficial to carry something sweet with you wherever you go so that it can give a boost to your blood sugar. You can also stay on top of it by using a Blood Glucose Meter and eating something whenever the meter shows a low reading. This can prevent any kind of weakness from becoming severe and it can be treated timely. 

- A New Exercise:
While working out on a regular basis is great for your entire body, if you are trying out a new exercise and it turns out to be too intense for you, chances are that you will feel weak and you may even end up fainting in serious cases. Hence, it is always a good idea to slowly build up resistance whilst trying out something new as your body needs time to get used to it. It is also always beneficial to be attuned to your body and understand when you are pushing it way beyond its limit as that can lead to harming it more than benefiting it.

- Certain Infections:
Certain common infections like some ear and stomach related ones can make you feel weak. This is because your body is trying to fight off the infection and hence is putting all of its energy into it. Therefore, as soon as you recognise that you have an infection, it is important to get as much rest as is possible for you at that time to aid your body in getting better sooner. 

Now that you have seen some of the major reasons why we tend to feel weak, try to recognise and avoid them to live a healthy and long life. Share this article with your near and dear ones who tend to regularly suffer from weakness but can not put a finger on the cause of it.

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