All That There Is To Know About Pulse Oximeters

All That There Is To Know About Pulse Oximeters

Not a lot was known about the little devices called the Pulse Oximeters before the COVID 19 pandemic struck us all and blew us away with its far-reaching impact and brought life as we knew it to a complete and utter standstill. That is the time when a lot of mysterious cases started coming to the hospitals in which Coronavirus patients had no other symptoms except for pneumonia-like condition accompanied by extremely low levels of oxygen in the blood. This was staggering as this symptom is not that noticeable at all as it is not as ‘visible’ as compared to other symptoms but can prove to be as harmful, if not more harmful than its other counterparts.

Pulse Oximeters are devices which measure the level of oxygen in the blood among other things. It has readings like pulse rate, SpO2 and Perfusion Index (PI). Perfusion Index is the ratio of dynamic blood flow to the static blood in the peripheral tissue. A normal reading can range from 94 to 100. But if your oxygen in the blood is as low as 60, it may mean that the oxygen is not reaching all your tissues in a way that they can function properly. You will probably require supplemental oxygen in such a case.

While it is a scary thing to learn about, it can be treated in a very effective only if it is detected at an opportune time in its early stages. This is why we are discussing all Pulse Oximeters in this blog post as these devices can help you to avoid suffering from life-threatening diseases. We are listing down some points down here so that you can make up your mind towards these tiny devices that can prove to be immensely helpful to you and your health. We are sure that by the time you reach the end of this blog post, you will be rushing to get a Pulse Oximeter as soon as possible due to its undeniable benefits for everyone.

Even though Pulse Oximeters are usually recommended for people who suffer from chronic lung diseases, they can be used by anyone at all to keep a check on one’s health and to timely detect any early warning signs.

- They Are Really Portable:
Pulse Oximeters are built in such a way so that they can be taken anywhere with you as they are really portable and do not take up a lot of space. They also do not weigh as much because they are small contraptions which are able to measure a host of different vitals of the human body.

- They Provide Fast Readings:
One of the best and unique things about Pulse Oximeters is that they are designed to provide fast results. This helps a lot in saving precious time that you can then spend on doing other important tasks of the day. In addition to this, as we have mentioned previously in this blog post, pulse oximeters also measure a number of different readings which in turn helps you to understand your body and your health in a much more holistic and real way. There is almost no lag between the putting of the oximeter on your finger to the flashing of the readings on the little screen.

- Can Be Used Multiple Times In A Day:
One of the other major benefits of Pulse Oximeters is that they can be used many times in the day at separate intervals so that if you suffer from any chronic lung ailments, you are able to properly manage your oxygen level in your bloodstream by being able to take multiple readings throughout the whole day. This may not be possible in the case of big contraptions which may have cumbersome processes to measure vitals so in this case, the Pulse Oximeter stands apart from its other counterparts.

- Can Be Used On Anyone Anywhere:
One other major thing that you should know about the Pulse Oximeter is that they can be used by absolutely anyone at any time and at any place. This makes them one of the most convenient devices that can be used in this category which are currently available in the market. There is literally no specific age post which you can use them so they can be used by children and adults alike. Also, you do not need to suffer from a specific disease or a particular condition to be able to use them like a glucose meter which is used to measure diabetes.

- They Are Absolutely Safe To Use:
The Pulse Oximeter works on the principle of small beams of light passing through your finger when it is put on it. These beams measure the number of changes in the light which is absorbed by the blood. This gives us our heart rate and our level of oxygen in the blood, among other important things. It is a completely painless process and does not harm your body in any way as it does not alter anything in it.

- They Are Largely Accurate:
While it is usually believed that it is always for the best to take multiple readings to arrive at the basic ones, Pulse Oximeters are usually said to be quite accurate in telling your blood oxygen levels as well as your heartbeat rate. While no device is a hundred per cent accurate all the time, same is the case with Pulse Oximeters so it is best to use your own discretion while putting these to the use. But rest assured that they will provide you with most accurate readings. We at Dr Odin believe in putting our customers’ health above everything else so we strive to make the best products for you to use in both the short term as well as the long term.

Dr. Odin also has a range of Pulse Oximeters which can cater to your specific needs. Our products also come with an additional reading of a PI percentage to get you in the better knowledge of your health.

So what are you waiting for? Go get one today!

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