A Few Mistakes Which Irreparably Damage Our Health

A Few Mistakes Which Irreparably Damage Our Health

While the culture of keeping ourselves well fed and healthy has swept us all in its wake in the last few years, there are still some things which lead us to compromise on our health in many different ways. The wellness culture has been great for our overall health as it advocates the need to eat good food, to exercise extensively and to sleep well. All of these things along with many more are so important to live a long and healthy life. The hustle culture which previously dominated our lives has thankfully been pushed aside to make room for taking good care of oneself.

While the hustle culture focused on pushing ourselves to do more and more work whilst completely disregarding our health and wellness, many people felt that it started becoming extremely detrimental to both of their physical as well as mental health after a certain amount of time. If you want to start on your wellness and self care journey, it is important to understand and avoid some common mistakes which hinder all the benefits which you can actually get out of living well. Read on to know all about mistakes which you should avoid making in the process of starting to take care of yourself.

- Not Exercising Every Day:
It has been said time and again that exercising every day helps to keep our body healthy and fit for longer. If you follow all good habits but still do not work out on a regular basis, it can lead to a number of diseases which take root from a largely sedentary lifestyle. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, you should still indulge in a low intensity workout to keep your muscles working perfectly. But do not overexert your body also. That end of the spectrum can lead to injuries or excessive strain on your muscles which usually can be treated with a and a hot and cool pack in minor cases. 

- Not Having Enough Nutrients In Your Diet:
Just eating less food is not enough to live a fully healthy lifestyle. Your food is the main fuel that keeps all of your bodily systems working in a proper way. If you do not eat food which is rich in all of the nutrients which your body needs, you may end up suffering from deficiencies and diseases. You can not nourish your body with junk food if you expect to live a life which is largely free from health problems. A good alternative to getting these nutrients is to consume certain and a dietary supplements after consulting your general physician or a nutritionist.

- Ignoring Your Health Problems:
It is almost impossible to live a life and not suffer from any kind of health problem some time or the other. While this is completely normal, it is extremely important to not ignore these, thinking of them as trivial issues that do not require your attention. If you do this, chances are that that health problem will fester and snowball into a much more serious disease in the future. Consult your doctor and get it treated before it becomes dangerous. For example, if you suffer from sinus infections on a regular basis but do not treat them as they go away after a few days, these can lead to major sinusitis in the future. Use a steam inhaler in such a case.


- Leading A Life Full Of Stress:
Stress can arise from many different things in life, be it the overarching global pandemic these days, your personal life or your professional one. While some worry helps you to be responsible enough to fulfil your responsibilities well, being extremely stressed and anxious all the time can take a huge toll on your health in the long run. Being consistently stressed can lead to an increase in chances of developing heart diseases. Practicing meditation, journaling and consciously avoiding certain stress inducing situations can make a huge difference in such a case.

- Not Drinking Enough Fluids:
There is literally nothing worse for your health than not drinking enough fluids throughout the day. And by fluids we do not mean caffeinated drinks or aerated ones. Instead, opt for the original but effective water or fresh fruit juices to live a healthy and long life. If you keep your body properly hydrated on a daily basis, it will thank you by giving you good skin, improved kidney function and better gut health in the long run. 

- Engaging In Excesses:

You may have often heard of the age old adage of “The excess of everything is bad” and it is true in the case of maintaining good health as well. Nothing good ever comes from depriving yourself of things that you crave, on the contrary you would want to indulge in them even more. So it is always a good idea to consume everything in moderation and exercise restraint in order to not jeopardise your health. But it is always advisable to not engage in certain activities which are sure to leave a damaging and indelible mark on your wellness like smoking or drinking alcohol.

- Not Being Proactive:
Laziness and procrastination are two of the worst enemies of good health. If you keep putting off good habits for another day which never really comes around, you will never actually be able to start living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The key here is to be proactive in all aspects of your life but especially in the case of your health. Do not delay good habits and motivate yourself to start doing them today itself. Chalk out specific chunks of your time to dedicate to a particular activity which you want to start. This will make it much harder to shirk off when the time actually comes for you to do it. 

So now that you know about all of the common mistakes which people commit when they start off on their health journey, we hope that you will be able to avoid them. Being aware of them is just one part of it. But do make it a point to consciously fight these off to live in a healthy way.

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