Pulse Oximeter with PI%

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Dr. Odin Pulse Oximeter is the Best Brand in India and it uses advanced technology to measure the oxygen level in your blood plus your heart rate. A finger pulse oximeter is a handheld device equipped with the technology to detect changes in your blood oxygen level rapidly. This pulse oximeter comes with PI%. Buy pulse oximeter online for the best offer.

Auto Power Off: Our pulse oximeter comes with an auto power off function so that it shuts down when not in use.
OLED Display: It comes equipped with an OLED display to make the readings more clear and easily understandable.
Four Direction Modes: The four direction modes are also extremely useful in the functioning of our pulse oximeter.

One Button Operation: The one button operation on this pulse oximeter makes it very efficient and effective to use.
Alarm Function: The alarm function is great to indicate your results once you get the proper readings while using it.
User Friendly: Our pulse oximeter is designed in such a way so as to make it very user friendly and with a simple interface.

Critical Care: The pulse oximeter can be used in critical care in order for the medical professionals to keep a check on the patient’s health and vitals.

Painless Application: There is absolutely no pain which is associated with using our pulse oximeter as it is built to be painless in all its uses.

Prevents Hypoxia: This product is extremely effective in preventing the disease Hypoxia as it correctly tells about the level of oxygen in a person’s body.

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